The FOX News website carried an AP article on May 10, 2007 entitled “Jury Convicts Chinese-born Engineer of Passing US Military Secrets to China.” The article reported that Chi Mak (age 66) has been found guilty in a jury trial of spying on the USA in behalf of Communist China. Mr. Mak, who is a naturalized American citizen, stole “thousands of pages of documents from his employer [a defense contractor].” The documents were smuggled to China via his brother.
The Mak family spy-ring was caught red-handed with encrypted CDs in their luggage (on a flight to Hong Kong) which contained “data on an electronic propulsion system that could make [American] submarines virtually undetectable.” Mr. Mak will be sentenced on September 10th and faces up to 35 years in prison.
The above is hardly an isolated case. China has an aggressive pattern of spying on America to obtain as many technological secrets as it can. I suggest readers go to their local libraries and read the August, 2006 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. It has an article entitled “China’s Secret War,” by Simon Cooper, which details many examples of Chinese espionage against the USA. Mr. Cooper notes that “China’s aggressive military buildup…is based largely on U.S. technology.”  His article details China has either sought to steal (or has stolen) a jet engine for the USAF’s F-16 fighter, an American AGM-129A nuclear cruise missile, technology for “the Hellfire air-to-ground missiles carried by Apache and Cobra helicopters, an encryption device used by the National Security Agency (NSA), American night-vision equipment, etc.
The article adds that “China is seeking to go toe-to-toe against America’s best weaponry.” As evidence of successful spying efforts against the USA, China’s new Luyang II guided missile destroyer went to sea in 2005 “with a knockoff of the U.S. Navy’s Aegis battle management system” for monitoring threats and controlling weaponry.
The above facts further confirm that the USA is the primary target of China’s “aggressive military buildup.” Not only will China utilize stolen US technology to try to gain military parity with US weaponry, it will also surely analyze and examine stolen US military weapons and military technology to determine how best to defeat or disable crucial US weapon systems in any future war between China and USA.
As readers at this website know, a war between China (allied to Russia and Iran) and the USA is not only likely, it is certain. Ezekiel 38 prophesied millennia ago that an alliance led by Russia, China and Iran would attack the nations of the Western world in a surprise attack in the “latter days” of this age. Russia, China and Iran are identified by their ancient tribal and geographic names, but it is an easy identification to make. Many Christian writers and evangelists have made this identification. What is not grasped, however, is that the nations of “Israel” which are to be attacked in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, are the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel, not the people of Judah (the Jews/Israelis). Christian evangelists wrongly limit this “Gog and Magog” invasion to an attack upon the tiny Israeli nation, when it will actually be directed against the entire Western World. Many Christians in Western nations mistakenly think that they will watch this apocalyptic, age-ending war on CNN and FOX News from the comfort of their living room recliners while eating snacks purchased from well-stocked local grocery stores.  The real battleground will be their own backyards, and it is past time that they “wake up” to the imminent danger.
For evidence that Ezekiel 38’s Gog-Magog attack will be primarily directed against the USA, NATO nations and their allies, you are invited to read the author’s books (available at the book links at this website) which document the entire history of the tribes of Israel from the time of the biblical patriarchs, through the incredible “Golden Age” under Kings David and Solomon, continuing with and examination into the migrations of the ten tribes of Israel over the millennia and concluding with their identifications among the modern nations of the Western world. The evidence presented is overwhelming, and I have heard from many readers in many Christian denominations that my books have dramatically strengthened their faith in the literal accuracy of the Bible and in the reality of God’s overall sovereignty among the nations.


Steven Collins
May 16, 2007