Steve Collins
June 17, 2008
Chinese submarine launched missileWhile most of the American population is oblivious to the rapid and aggressive military build-up of Communist China, readers of this blog are now well aware of it. Another milestone in China’s march to military superpower status was reached recently when China test fired its new ICBM missile which will be placed on China’s new ballistic missile submarines. In his “Inside the Ring” column in the June 16, 2008 issue of the Washington Times National Weekly Edition (see attached link), Bill Gertz reports that China’s test firing took place on May 29 from a Chinese submarine in Bohai Bay.
This new Chinese sub-launched ballistic missile “has an estimated range of 5,000 miles,” and it is expected to have several independently-targeted nuclear warheads on each missile. When fully deployed, US analysts expect that China will have “over 180 [nuclear] warheads” on these new sub-based missiles. It is expected that China is building “up to five” of the nuclear missile submarines, and that they will be based at the large new Chinese Submarine base on Hainan Island which was secret until just recently (see earlier blog at this website for details). It is not clear when all five submarines will be operational with these missiles, but it is known that the Chinese are building the submarines and they have already test-fired the nuclear missiles which will be placed on the new Chinese ballistic subs.
Even when stationed in a very-protected environment near the Chinese seacoast, these new Chinese missiles will be able to hit targets in Guam, Alaska and Hawaii. While not stated in the article, it is obvious that if the Chinese deployed these new missile submarines further out into the Pacific Ocean, they could easily fire their missiles at any city or military base in North America. Doing a rough check on a global map, it the Chinese missiles can travel 5,000 miles, Communist China could target every American city in all 50 states by simply positioning their ballistic missile submarines in the North Pacific Ocean somewhere between Hawaii and Alaska.
It is clear that China is preparing for war. Their exceptionally-rapid military build-up is intended to make them a military superpower equal or superior to the USA in a not-too-distant future year. There is no indication that the USA is taking this threat seriously yet. However, the USA had better start taking it seriously and building up its own military forces soon to meet this rapidly rising threat from the alliance of Russia, China and Iran. The link below also has a story that members of Congress are concerned about approving a new agreement with Russia because Russia is still supplying nuclear and missile technology to Iran.  
Russia, China and Iran are building a new “Axis of Evil,” and it was prophesied thousands of years ago in Ezekiel 38 in the Bible. Ezekiel 38 reveals that their alliance will attack the USA and the entire western world at some point in the future when they judge the USA and the western world to be too weak to successfully resist. Given that China is now aggressively making preparations to supplant the USA as the world’s dominant superpower, the decisions made by US politicians and corporate CEOs to (A) relocate America’s manufacturing plants to China and (B) allow China to gain vast leverage over the US economy via immense Chinese loans to the USA may go down as the dumbest decisions ever made by any nation in the history of the planet. The Chinese Communists dangled low-cost productions options before greedy US corporations and the corporations fell for the bait. China duped the USA into transferring its own critically-important manufacturing base from US soil to China. The USA could no longer be “the arsenal of Democracy” even if the need presented itself. China has effectively stolen much of the USA’s manufacturing base without having to wage war to gain so valuable a prize.
Ezekiel 38’s prophecy indicates that no force on earth can stop the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance form attacking the USA, NATO, etc. in some future year (I want to stress I do not know when that year will be). When it happens, this age will come to an end, and the Creator God will intervene in human affairs. Those duped by evolutionary fables will find that statement hard to believe, but the fact that biblical prophecies made thousands of years ago are coming to pass with great specificity in the modern world ought to give them a chance to wake up to what is really happening in global geopolitics. The Bible already tells us what is going to happen in “the final chapters” of this age. There is no reason why you should be unaware of how world geopolitics will unfold. A good place to start would be by reading my research report on biblical prophecy entitled “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” available for free at this website. Another report filled with specific examples of how God is fulfilling very specific biblical prophecies in the modern world is the one entitled “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?