As long-time readers of this blog realize, I have long been warning that Russia and China have been preparing weapons systems to sink US aircraft carriers in the opening hours of a future World War III which is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 as certain to occur at the end of our age. The first link is a brief media report that was cited in one of my blogs about a year and a half ago regarding this danger.

The threat to US carriers from Chinese missiles is now so great that the mass media cannot ignore it any longer. The second link below is an AP story which is being reprinted in newspapers around the nation (including the one in my home city). It thoroughly examines the risks posed to US carriers by a new Chinese ballistic missile, the Dong Feng 21D, which can be launched from China’s land mass to destroy any US aircraft carrier within 900 miles (or more) of China’s mainland. [It is worth noting the article about this missile in the first link reported a 1240 mile range.] The article notes that China’s final testing of this missile will take place soon and that “China might soon put an end” to the era of “America’s virtually invincible carrier fleet.” It adds that China now has “Asia’s largest” navy and that “the US Navy no longer rules the waves as it has since the end of World War II.” If China sells this anti-carrier ballistic missile to nations such as North Korea, Iran, Russia, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., US carriers may no longer be safe in many oceans or even in their home ports.

The article examines the very germane issue of whether the Chinese guidance systems are good enough to hit a moving target in the ocean; however, given the extensive spying done by China in the USA, it can be assumed that China has already stolen the best guidance systems that America itself has. The article briefly mentions that China could place nuclear weapons on these ballistic missiles. If they do that, then all China needs is a “near miss” to kill everyone in a US carrier task force (especially if they fire a salvo of nuclear-tipped missiles to be sure of “overkill” in their attack). This article doesn’t even mention another risk posed to US carriers that my blogsite has mentioned for a long time: the danger posed by supersonic cruise missiles which are now possessed and deployed by both Russia and China for use against US carriers. One such Russian supersonic cruise missile is called the “sizzler” and you can find previous blogs about it in the search function at the blog archives at this website.

A US admiral is quoted as saying that the US reserves “the right to exercise in international waters anywhere in the world.” What empty words! China will laugh at these words and all nations of the world know they are empty words. The USA just sent an aircraft carrier task force to conduct naval exercises with the South Korean navy in the Yellow Sea off South Korea’s western shore. China told President Obama not to do so, and Obama meekly surrendered to China’s ultimatum. This was after Obama’s previously craven [look this word up in a dictionary, please!] submission to China’s demand that a Pentagon Report not tell the truth about China’s growing military threat to the USA (both these subjects have also been covered in previous blogs at this website). It is becoming evident that Obama has no demonstrated ability to stand up to any of America’s rivals and enemies. This invites further aggression and bullying until Obama can find his backbone. China (and the rest of the world) also sees that Obama lacks the backbone to protect US borders from illegal immigration—revealing a major weakness in Obama’s character to foreign rivals.

Former Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, graphically exposed Obama’s character weakness in a speech in Arizona about border protection issues. She said publicly that both she and Arizona Governor Brewer (a female also) both had more “cojones” than Obama did on border protection issues (see third link below). Ouch! Let’s be graphically honest about what Sarah Palin meant. She was saying in a Spanish kind of way that Obama “doesn’t have the balls” to protect American interests (see fourth link below). More Americans than ever are agreeing with her as Obama’s poll number continue to tank. When Jimmy Carter’s cowardly response to Iran’s seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran went on and on, the “w” word (for “wimp”) stuck indelibly on Carter and he was hurled out of office by the American voters the first chance they had to do so. The “w” word is starting to stick on Obama.

Emboldened by Obama’s recent policy of persistent personal and national weakness, China has now also told the US to stay out of the South China Sea (a long-time international body of water). If Obama agrees to this Chinese bullying, he may as well fly the white flag of surrender over the White House. Remember North Korea’s brazen sinking of a South Korean warship recently? After vowing to take firm action, the leader of South Korea did….nothing. Obama also did…nothing. This has emboldened North Korea to take more aggressive action as North Korea has just seized a South Korean fishing vessel and its crew (see final link below). North Korea (and its Chinese masters) are probing to see if Obama has any backbone or “cojones” to confront their aggressions. North Korea has practically said to Obama in this action: “I dare you to do something if you have any guts.” So far, Obama has given no evidence that he has any backbone, cojones or guts.

It is a sad time for the USA. At a time when we need a leader with very strong characteristics to lead the nation in a difficult time, we have a leader who knows nothing about military matters and may never even have fired a BB gun. Unfortunately, it is increasingly evident that the Democratic party nominated Obama because he had the demographics to get elected. They gave no thought to whether he had any ability of experience to govern the nation. The Congress ought to be holding very public hearings to demand what the Obama administration and the Pentagon are building in the way of defensive weaponry to counter the Chinese missiles designed to sink US carriers and warships. The national security of the USA and the lives of 1000s of sailors are now seriously threatened.

This news about China’s efforts to rapidly build military weaponry to attack and destroy the US military’s main assets is long-overdue to be given to the US population, which is living in a “fools paradise” that the USA is all-powerful and not vulnerable to a successful attack. I hope that you will remember that this blogsite has warned about this danger for a very long time before the mainstream media made any serious mention of this growing military threat from China. Also, remember that Ezekiel 38-39 warned about this “latter day” danger 2500 years ago. God “wrote history in advance” in his biblical prophesies, and he is relentlessly moving to bring them to pass in our modern “latter day” period of time.,3566,511955,00.html