All Americans should know the vital information that is in the first link below. It should be the lead story on all TV national news programs, but the media will cover up this story. It is a report from the website of the World Tribune, and it reveals what is really on the minds of China’s Communist leaders as they are in the midst of a massive military build-up. The author, Lev Navrozov, is a Russian émigré trying to warn the Western world about the danger that it faces from China, Russia, etc. Mr. Navrozov cites an English-language version of “a speech delivered by Chi Haotian, the Minister of National Defense of China up to 2004 and a top military analyst today.” In other words, this was not a random statement by a low-level functionary of the Chinese Communist Party. He was the Chinese equivalent of the US Secretary of Defense so his statement clearly expressed official Chinese policy.

Mr. Haotian stated in his speech (obviously given in China and not expected to be read by anyone in English) that Chinese national policy should be “exterminating the population of the United States.” That is correct. You read it right.

This top-level Chinese military strategist’s speech was given a title indicating that “World War III Is Not Far from Us,” and he expects China’s war against the USA to result in China’s domination of the 21st century. Mr. Haotian likened the superiority of the Chinese race over all other races in language that literally cited Hitler’s racial superiority language which directly led to World War II. Chinese officials are now obviously replicating the same plan to impose their “superiority” upon the world the same way Hitler planned to impose “Aryan superiority” on the world–via aggressive warfare. Mr. Haotian’s speech openly discusses whether China’s “surprise attack on the United States” will succeed quickly or will result in retaliation from the USA. He indicates a personal willingness to sacrifice half the Chinese population in order to “exterminate” the US population.

This speech by a top Chinese official was given in 2004, and is only recently making its way into English-language media. This confirms, beyond all doubt, that all current Chinese actions are part of a war planning effort by China against the USA. China is waging war already vs. the USA monetarily, economically, electronically via hacker attacks, etc. China’s war has been going on for at least a decade. The book, Unrestricted Warfare, published by Pan American Publishing Co. in 1999, includes an English translation of the war plans “To Destroy America” prepared for the Chinese military by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui and originally published in Chinese by the People’s Liberation Army of China. It calls for China “to wage total war against the USA.” The book’s introduction (in English) states these Chinese war plans vs. America are “known to the CIA as well as to America’s national security establishment.” However, the American people haven’t been told. The American establishment media is keeping them “in the dark” about this existential threat to the existence to ALL Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, political-affiliation, gender, etc. The book, Unrestricted Warfare, also cites Chi Haotian as saying “War [with the US] is inevitable; we cannot avoid it.” The books cites Chinese strategy is to cripple the USA by all possible means (economic, monetary, electronic warfare, etc.) in order to weaken America so it cannot defend itself vs. a Chinese military attack, as blogs in my “Archives” have previously discussed. A recent blog at this site also examine the nanotechnology bomb which is being developed by China which intends to combine nanotechnology with human genome research to create “nanobots” which will attack and kill a target population (i.e. the USA) without damaging land and properties. The second link below details how China has gained such a stranglehold over US financial/monetary policy that the USA’s leaders can no longer act in America’s national security interests. They won’t tell you this, of course. They will keep you distracted with media fluff (the most recent being the endless coverage about Michael Jackson).

Over 25 centuries, ago, God inspired the prophet Ezekiel to give a warning for the latter days to the “latter day” descendants of the ten tribes of Israel (called “Israel” in Ezekiel 38-39–the Jewish nation in the Mideast is called “Judah” in biblical prophecy and “Judah” is not mentioned anywhere in Ezekiel 38-39). My books (available on-line at detail abundant evidence from secular and biblical sources that the modern nations of the USA, the UK and many western nations are the nations called “Israel” in the Bible. This prophecy warns in verses 2-6 that an alliance will come into existence in the latter days of this age (see verses 8 and 16) which would be led by Russia (Gog, Magog, Meshech and Tubal), China (Gomer and all his bands) and Iran (Persia). These nations are all in alliance right now and they are allied vs. the western nations and coordinating their national actions to wage war against them, exactly as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesied. Obviously, for a prophecy 2500 years old to be brought to pass in great detail in our modern world means (A) the Bible really is the Word of an Creator God, (B) that Creator God is bringing to pass these prophecies right in front of our eyes, and (C) that we live in the “latter days” when this prophecy will be fulfilled. The stark reality of this message will not please many, however, world geopolitics are now setting the stage for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy in the years ahead of us.

Whenever the tribes of Israel sinned in the Bible, God often punished them by bringing invading armies into their land to give them national “spankings.” You can read the book of Judges, I and II Samuel, I and II Kings and I and II Chronicles to see many such invasions detailed.  God says in Malachi 3:6 “I change not.” Therefore, we can expect God to do the same thing now to modern “Israel” as he did to ancient “Israel” when it rebelled against God and his laws. Ezekiel 38 even reveals the specific nations that are destined to attack “Israel” to punish it for its national sinfulness in the latter days (Ezekiel 39:7 adds that the modern ten tribes of Israel will be polluting God’s name regularly in the latter days when the Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack is launched). God has even given us the Russian-Chinese attack plan. Ezekiel 38:15-16 reveals they will cover North America and Europe “like a cloud” (an aerial attack) from out of the “north.” If I were planning the Russian-Chinese attack against North America, I’d infiltrate special forces troops to seize all major Alaskan airports and launch a “24/7” aerial operation (along with sending maritime container vessels filled with Chinese troops and armor) to pour many millions of Russian, Chinese, etc. troops into North America and send them south into the USA like a tidal wave. The USA has foolishly worn out its military in Iraq and Afghanistan and has very few ground forces available in North America to repel such an invasion. Russia and China would also attack as many US military bases and civilian infrastructure targets at the same time to cripple the entire USA (and Europe) as the attack begins.

God says in Ezekiel 38:10 that He will put it into the minds of Russia’s and China’s leaders to launch this attack at a time of God’s choosing. God will allow America and the other so-called Christian nations a space of time to repent, but if we do not repent, the hammer blow of total war will fall on the American homeland. The good news is that God will eventually save the nations of the tribes of Israel and rescue them from this attack and he calls on the attacked nations to fight back against their invaders (38:21), but he gives us no guarantees how far he will allow this invasion to proceed before he intervenes. There will be no human “deliverer” this time. The deliverer will be the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who intervenes with his heavenly army to slay the attackers on a massive scale (Ezekiel 38:20-39:8 describe this Divine intervention as does Revelation 19:11-21).

If you wish to read about Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy in much greater detail, I invite you to read my article What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, available by clicking on the articles link at the homepage of this website. To hear an audio message which addresses the subject of who is “Israel” in the modern world and the ramifications of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, I invite you to listen to a sermon I gave last Sunday at Church at the Gate in Sioux Falls, SD on this very topic. You can listen to this message by clicking on the last link below.

The open admission by a top Chinese military official (now finally reported by the World Tribune) that they intend to invade and exterminate America graphically confirms Ezekiel 38 will surely be fulfilled at some point in the years ahead of us. God does not give us a date for this invasion, but America is running out of time.