The Reuters link below has some extraordinarily important news that all Americans should know. Few, however, will be allowed to know because the media is not likely to tell them. Two Chinese Major-Generals have urged the government of China to boost military spending and “possibly sell some U.S. bonds to punish Washington for its latest round of arms sales to Taiwan.” I’m sure these high-ranking generals would not have said this in a published report unless China’s government wanted their statements to be heard on the global financial markets.

In fact, the weaponry sold to Taiwan by the USA was only a fraction of what Taiwan requested. Taiwan wanted F-16 warplanes and submarines, but the Obama administration authorized only the sale of such lesser items as helicopters and defensive missiles to Taiwan. Therefore, the Obama administration had already largely “caved” to China in the weapons package, so the Chinese ire is based on a weak American response to Taiwan’s request.

China likely already intended to boost military weapons production, but coupling their announced intention to do so with the sale of U.S. weapons to Taiwan gives China an excuse to do what they were going to do anyway. The Chinese threat to sell U.S. bonds on world financial markets is a clear warning that China intends to use its financial leverage over the U.S. government (which foolishly got itself heavily indebted to China) to impose its will on the Obama administration. My February 7th blog reported that Obama had “caved” to China in telling U.S. intelligence agencies to go easier on Chinese spies and military activities. That was a craven surrender on Obama’s part. Obama also caved to China by not selling Taiwan the military equipment it needs. Since Obama has yet to display any backbone vis a vis China, expect the Chinese demands on Obama to get more intense. They smell Obama’s weakness like a shark smells blood in the water.

When/if China dumps U.S. Treasury bonds on world markets, it will have a major effects on the USA, and all of them will be painful for American citizens. If you ever hear that China is de-coupling the Chinese currency from its historic U.S. dollar connection, I would expect a major drop in the U.S. dollar to follow as that would be one way to “punish Washington” for not obeying their debt-masters in Beijing. The USA and Wall Street will eventually learn that they have sinned greatly by ignoring God’s warnings against excessive debt in Proverbs 22:7. I think China will make sure they learn that lesson the hard way.

One of the Chinese Major Generals even suggested in 2005 that “China could use nuclear weapons if the United States intervened militarily in a conflict over Taiwan.” Can you imagine the hornet’s nest it would create if a top U.S. Major General openly urged using nuclear weapons on China if it attacked Taiwan? Yet the self-deceived U.S. government leaders ignore such very bellicose threats from China and the U.S. media largely withholds this information from the American people.

China and the USA are on a collision course. There is no way around it. China is openly warning that a confrontation lies ahead, but American leaders are in denial about it and the American people are clueless to the growing military/financial threat from China. China has growing power and I expect they will begin to use that power skillfully in future years. Ezekiel 38 foretold about 2,500 years ago that this would happen in the latter days when it listed Russia, China, Iran and other nations as allies against the USA, NATO and their global allies. If you have any doubt about that statement, please read the article, The USA in Bible Prophecy at my homepage, and you will see why Ezekiel 38 applies primarily to the USA and NATO, not the Israelis/Jews. Because the “brown stuff will surely hit the fan” sometime in the future, I also suggest that you read and act on the biblical warnings detailed in my article Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times? If you do not act on the biblical warnings outlined in that article, you will wish you had done so when the prophesied hard times arrive.

The USA is entering a time of severe danger and crisis. These dangers can only be “papered over” for so long by the U.S. government and a compliant media. At such a time, isn’t is comforting to know our nation is led by a “community organizer” from Chicago who often voted “present” whenever a tough vote needed to be cast in the Illinois Legislature where he served for a time before he waltzing into the U.S. Senate and was then nominated for President while he was rookie Senator with no meaningful legislative accomplishments of his own?