March 5, 2008
Steven Collins
Several items have confirmed that tensions between China and the USA are continuing to get worse. The first link below contains a story that hearkens back to the Cold War era between the USA and the Soviet Union. In the Cold War period, the USA and the Soviet Union established a “hot line” phone link so the respective national leaders could quickly talk to each other in a crisis to avoid a nuclear war or other levels of conflict. The USA and China are now establishing a “hot line” between their nations for the same reason. The establishment of a “hot line” between China and the USA is a tacit acknowledgment that the two nations see each other as rivals, if not enemies, who will likely need such communications links in the future. The diplomatic language will not openly admit this truth, of course. The diplomats prefer to describe the need for the hot line with such minimalist language as “avoid[ing] miscalculations.” Presumably, the old USA-Soviet hot line still works. Nowadays, former-KGB boss, Vladimir Putin decides who answers the phone on the old Soviet side of the conversation.
Not everyone in the US government “gets it” that China is (or is quickly becoming) an enemy nation. Some of the blindest souls are in the USA’s own intelligence community. In an “Inside the Ring” column in the March 3, 2008 Washington Times National Weekly Edition, Bill Gertz writes that “a new political battle is brewing between US intelligence analysts and policy-makers over the threat posed by China’s military build-up.” On one side is the Pentagon, which sees the dangers posed by China’s rapidly-growing military power, and on the other side are apologists for China in the US intelligence community. The Pentagon sees that China’s military power is being built not just to attack Taiwan, but also to threaten “…India, Japan Vietnam and others in the region” (see second story in the second link below). The “others in the region” language would surely include the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet.
Amazingly, Gertz writes that the US State Department now backs the Pentagon view re: China’s threatening stance. One would think that if even the diplomats at the State Department can see the dangers posed by China, that everyone should be able to “get it.” Not so. Gertz names four US intelligence officials who make light of the Chinese threat. The “most egregious” pro-China official, according to Mr. Gertz, is Lonnie Henley, a Deputy National Intelligence Officer. Mr. Henley is reported to have even written “a letter of support to [a] judge on behalf of convicted Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Ron Montaperto, who pleaded guilty to espionage-related charges after admitting he passed secrets to Chinese military intelligence agents.” Mr. Gertz also notes that Mr. Henley (and his pro-China associates) “tried and failed to block elements of the tougher assessment of China’s military capabilities to be released this month by the Pentagon.”  Why Mr. Henley is trying to block the truth about China’s intentions is for you, me and the Homeland Security Department to wonder about. Clearly, Communist China has allies within the US intelligence community in its efforts to obfuscate its overt military intentions. 
The Pentagon’s assessment of China’s military intentions (referred to above) has now been released. In the third link below, the Pentagon notes that China’s military forces are being built up “for waging wars beyond Taiwan,” and that “China’s expanding military forces…have implications beyond the Asia-Pacific region.” That observation is so glaringly obvious that anyone (except for certain US “Intelligence” officials) can see it.
The prophecy in Ezekiel 38 reveals just how far “beyond the Asia Pacific region” China’s military preparations are intended to reach. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and their allies are absolutely, positively going to militarily attack the nations of the ten tribes of “Israel” (called “Israel” or “the house of Israel” in Ezekiel 38-39) during the latter days. If you are not yet convinced that we are living in the “latter day” period of time prophesied in the Bible, I invite you to read my article, “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” available at this website. My books, available at the book links of this website, abundantly document that the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel were never really lost at all and that their modern descendants are found in the NATO nations and elsewhere among the Western world. If you wish to know what the Bible foretells will occur in our foreseeable future, I invite you to read my treatise entitled “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” also available at this website. 
Once one understands the keys of the prophetic time we live in and which modern nations are described by which ancient terms, the accuracy of biblical prophecy becomes easy to see. It becomes very clear that the God of the Bible, who inspired biblical prophecies millennia ago, is bringing them to pass today in very great detail. It behooves all of us to repent and “get right” with our Maker, while we have time to do so. Isaiah 55:6-11 warns a time will come in the future when God will no longer respond to the tardy cries of those who ignored him for years or decades. Thankfully, we are not yet at that point. Verses 7-11 describe God’s mercy is still available in abundance for those who will repent and turn to his ways. Everyone’s future depends on the choices they make daily to serve God or disobey him. Here’s hoping you and yours make the right choice!