The first link below (sent to me by an alert reader) is an important analysis of the capabilities of the Chinese military by Defense News. I recommend it to all readers as it contains much information in it that Americans should know about China’s growing military power and threats. However, the item I wish to focus on in this blog is the apparent fact that China now has the world’s largest submarine fleet and it is growing at a rapid rate as China’s military expansion continues. The analysis states that China has “the largest conventional submarine force in the world, totaling more than 60 boats” plus “a number of nuclear-powered fast-attack and ballistic missile subs.” Does that mean China has approximately 70 or more submarines? The total is unspecified, most likely because western analysts aren’t really sure how many submarines China has built. The report adds that many of China’s surface ships and submarines are armed with “supersonic sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missiles” (emphasis added.) This is a critically-important fact.

The supersonic cruise missiles are likely the “Russian-made “sizzler” supersonic cruise missiles about which I’ve written in a number of previous blogs. These missiles were developed to overwhelm the defenses of U.S. carrier task force and sink the American carriers. Supersonic (and perhaps maneuverable) cruise missiles are one of the most revolutionary naval weapons systems developed in recent years. To my knowledge, only America’s real and potential enemies have them, indicating that America’s traditional technological edge is fading steadily.

The second link below, from Wikipedia, relates that the USA has 61 submarines currently in service and four more under construction. However, the U.S. Navy has been retiring submarines faster than they are being built so the U.S. submarine fleet has been steadily declining in numbers. The third link is a report by the Heritage Foundation warning about the risks of a shrinking U.S. submarine fleet. The report was written years ago but its logic is even more forceful today in an environment where China now has more subs than the USA and is building even more at a rapid rate. The numerical advantage of the Chinese submarine fleet over the U.S. submarine fleet is likely to grow steadily in future years because China possesses vast currency surpluses and can afford to build a lot of new naval vessels. The U.S. government is saddled with mindless debts and bailout costs and can’t afford many new naval vessels. This fact should concern all Americans, but the chances that the establishment media will tell you this are slim and none.

Some would note (correctly) that the U.S. submarine fleet is highly-trained and experienced in blue-water operations and that Chinese submarines will take years to develop those same skills. I’d tend to agree with that analysis, but there is the very disconcerting reminder [fourth link] that in 2007, a Chinese attack submarine successfully penetrated the defensive screen of the USS Kitty Hawk in the Pacific Ocean and surfaced within easy “kill” range of the U.S. carrier. That indicates that (A) the Chinese submarine crews are far more skilled that previously thought, (B) that the U.S. Navy is way too overconfident, or (C) both options could be true. It is actually good the Chinese submarine surfaced so the U.S. Navy had the chance to experience a “wake up call” and tighten its obviously porous defensive screen around its carriers. The USS Kitty Hawk has since been decommissioned.

Ezekiel 38-39 warns that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will attack the USA, NATO and their allies in a global World War III at the very end of this age before Divine intervention occurs. All those Chinese subs will be used against the U.S. Navy and allied navies. Let’s hope the U.S. Navy develops defenses against those supersonic cruise missiles that will be coming at U.S. carriers and surface ships in volleys from those Chinese subs when that war begins. If we don’t have effective defenses for its vital carriers, the U.S. Navy will lose its major assets at the beginning of that war. I pray that doesn’t happen.