Steven Collins

May 3, 2008


A piece of vital news has been released which the entire world should ponder. However, few Americans know about it, and even fewer grasp its significance.


Communist China has built a massive operational naval base on the island of Hainan. It is built into a mountainside along the shoreline and in its hidden tunnels, Pentagon sources fear it could hide as many as “20 nuclear submarines.” Indeed, it could even host aircraft carriers in its extensive port facilities. The respected publication, Janes Intelligence Review, adds this unveiled Chinese naval base would allow Chinese subs to “break out to launch locations closer to the US.” [Emphasis added.] This means that Janes is warning that China’s subs could be positioned for offensive launch operations against the American mainland. The location of this base would also allow China to attack Taiwan from the south as well as from the north in any war. American aircraft carriers would operate south of Taiwan in any such war, but now they are right in the sights of the Chinese submarines which can launch from this new site. If these Chinese subs are equipped with the new Russian supersonic cruise missile, the “sizzler,” (see previous blogs at this location), as some Chinese subs already are, the US Navy’s aircraft carriers would be sitting ducks unless they are equipped with a new counter-measure that has not yet been publicized. If US Navy carriers are quickly sunk in the opening phases of a war over Taiwan, the hostile reaction of the American public could lead to the impeachment of any US President in office at the time, and massive defeats of Congressional representatives standing for re-election.


The link below gives the report on this Chinese base and it states: “Military analysts believe that China’s substantial build up of its forces is gaining pace but has remained hidden from the world in the build-up to the Olympics.” It is now difficult to grasp how any political or military leaders in the western world could possibly be so self-deluded that they cannot see what is obviously happening right in front of their eyes: China is building a huge military because it intends to go to war. Only the most doltish of minds can not see this fact. However, I fear many such self-deluded souls exist in the western world. There is a very strong parallel in the world’s recent history that bears comparison. In the 1930s, Hitler and the autocrats ruling Germany were building up a huge military force for the express purpose of waging war against the Allies. It should have been utterly obvious, but the spirit of self-delusion was so deep that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain foolishly made his “peace in our time” declaration just prior to the opening of World War II. Today’s autocrats in Communist China (along with their Russian and Iranian allies) are building up their military forces to wage war against the West, just as Hitler was doing in the 1930s. However, there seems to be no wise political leaders to reprise the role of Winston Churchill who warned that Germany was preparing for war.


The existence of this Chinese naval base also begs the question: how many other secret military bases does China have? They could have secret military bases hidden in mountain bases anywhere in China. It has long been known that Russia has a secret military base and/or weapons production facilities hidden in the Ural Mountains. I urge all readers to carefully read the second link below. You likely have heard various media reports that Russia’s military has “fallen into disrepair.'” This is an excellent act of deception by the former KGB spymaster, Vladimir Putin, who now dominates Russia. The second link notes that the underground weapons facilities in Russia’s Ural Mountains indicated an “excessive military modernization in Russia.” This line was written in 1997. Russia has had another 11 years to build up its “excessive military modernization” since then. Russia knows that American spy satellites can see the rusting Russian naval ships and land equipment parked out on the land. What American spy satellites cannot see are the masses of new Russian weaponry hidden in secret bases like the one in the Urals. It is already known that Russia hid many nuclear missiles from western eyes in these secret facilities so that they could break arms reduction treaties without the west knowing about it.


In spite of the pervasive gullibility in western political circles about Chinese and Russian intentions, there is a glimmer of hope that western populations are slowly waking up to the real and growing military dangers posed by Russia and China. The third link below reports that a poll of Europeans reveals they now regard China as the greatest world threat. They are way ahead of the gullible politicians, war planners and corporate chieftains of the western world, who are all blinded by the profits they are making from relocating the manufacturing plants of the West to Communist China. Little do they realize they have been dupes in the preliminary war planning by Russia and China. The relocation of American and western manufacturing plants to China means that the USA and the West will have little ability to quickly make new weaponry when the inevitable war breaks out in the future between a Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis and the western world led by the USA, NATO, Japan, etc. All American plants moved to China will eventually be nationalized and used to make war materiel to use against…America and the West. I do not know when this will occur, but it certain to happen. This event has already been preordained. 


Ezekiel 38-39 warn that the Creator God who inspired the Bible has decreed that Russia, China, Iran and many other nations will launch a global military attack against the many nations of the latter-day nations of the supposedly “lost” ten tribes of Israel. When one realizes that the ten tribes would not be Jewish, were promised by God to become very large and numerous nations (Hosea 1:10) bearing the names of Isaac (“Saka,” “Sacae,” “Saxon,” “Saxony,” etc.) upon them (Genesis 21:12) and would inherit the gates of their enemies (the Suez and Panama Canals, Gibraltar, etc.), it is not hard to see that the USA, the UK and the European NATO nations are the modern ten tribes of Israel. If you have any doubt, please read the author’s books which extensively document this identification with copious end notes and a full bibliography. They can be ordered at the book links of this website.


World events are practically shouting that God is preparing the nations for the great battle of Ezekiel 38 which the book of Revelation calls the “attack of the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12) who will obviously attack “The West.” Yet so many have been befuddled by the theory of evolution into thinking there is no Creator God that they are unaware that world events are revealed in advance in biblical prophecies. The very real harmony between biblical narratives and scientific findings about the earth’s prehistory are detailed in my recently-posted report entitled “Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?” There is no longer any excuse for anyone to believe in the fantasy called evolution. Nor is there any reason for any thinking person to deny the authority and accuracy of the Bible.


How soon will Russia, China and Iran attack the West? No one knows but those nations are already allied and are building weaponry at a furious pace in order to launch their coordinated attack before the West can wake up. Ezekiel 38:20 record that God will see to it that the leaders of Russia, China, Iran and their allies will “think an evil thought” to prepare a surprise attack against the unprepared cities and nations of the ten tribes of Israel in the latter days. Based on the known feverish war preparations in China and the unknown (but extensive) military modernizations going on in unseen Russian facilities, I’d say that their leaders have already “thought that thought.” They are rapidly preparing to carry out those thoughts. That much should be self-evident even without any biblical prophecy! However, Ezekiel 38 shows us that there is reason to have hope. Their attack will ultimately be thwarted when Divine intervention occurs, killing 5/6ths of the attackers and perhaps even the people of the attacking nations. Revelation 19:11-21 also describes this Divine intervention: the return of Jesus Christ at the head of an innumerable angelic army. That event is drawing nearer. In three parables in Matthew 24:42-25:13, Jesus himself warned that his followers would almost universally be surprised that his return in the latter-days will occur sooner than they expect.


We are nearing the fulfillment of epic events, and the world (because it has been deceived into thinking the Bible isn’t accurate), is blind to what is going to happen in future years!