The first link below includes a commentary about China’s war-plans for outer space and very briefly mentions China’s “upper atmosphere jet fighter.” This is, apparently, a top-secret weapons project currently being readied for deployment by the Chinese military. An “upper atmosphere jet fighter” would be a warplane which could fight at the edge of outer space and then return to earth as a reusable weapon. Such a weapon could be either manned or unmanned.

China has apparently been working on this project for many years. The second link is a status report on this project that was written three years ago in 2007. At that stage of development, China was testing an “unmanned test space plane” called the Shenlong. The second link includes a rare photograph of the Chinese test space vehicle as it was tethered underneath the fuselage of a Chinese bomber. The article surmises that the black underbelly of the test vehicle indicates that it was designed to re-enter earth atmosphere from outer space and be a reusable vehicle. It was also in 2007 that China demonstrated to the world that it possessed the ability to take out the satellites of other nations (i.e. the USA) when it launched a kinetic interceptor that destroyed a target satellite. Undoubtedly, China has, by now, made considerable progress in further development of its upper-atmosphere jet fighter beyond the mere test vehicle which was shown in the 2007 photo.

The third link, from what is apparently an Islamic website, has a very in-depth discussion of the entire subject of global space weaponry. Indeed, it includes the entire second link below in its content. It has some remarkable information which is worth passing on to the readers of this blog. It discusses the space weapons programs of several nations, including the X-37B and Falcon project of the USA. The former has been reported as a successful project (I have done previous posts on the X-37B, 4/29/2010, 9/11/2010) while the latter project reportedly experienced a failed test launch. It cites a report that the “General Director” of China’s Near Space Vehicle Research Laboratory proclaimed “that China had successfully launched its own hypersonic ‘prototype space fighter.'” However, just after that proclamation was made, China’s media quickly shut down all reports about the project.

A prominent Russian has also commented about Russia’s fears re: the USA’s X-37B project and there is even a report that Japan tested its own hypersonic vehicle as far back as 1996(!). Japan’s hypersonic test vehicle reportedly “vanished” after it successfully attained a speed of Mach 15 fourteen years ago. Since Japan was working on such a project 14 years ago, it is highly unlikely that Japan abandoned its space weapons project. One can only wonder what its true state of development is today. Whatever Japan is doing has been kept under very tight wraps and is a state secret. What can be stated with certainty is that Japan has been watching the massive weapons development programs in China with growing concern. It is only logical that Japan would be pursuing its own weapons programs to protect itself from future Chinese attack. Japan’s Constitution is pacifist so Japan must be very careful about reporting (or even acknowledging) its high-tech weapons programs.

In a closely-related story, the final two links [4, 5] offer details about a very secret space mission which was launched on a gigantic US rocket just days ago. According to a very brief mention of this launch in the print version of the USA Today in its 11-22-2010 issue, “the largest satellite in the world” was launched atop a 23-story US rocket. The mission of this new satellite is top-secret, but one link opines that it is a reconnaissance satellite. Indeed, since this massive US rocket can launch a 24-ton payload into space, it may even have launched more than one satellite. One may have had a reconnaissance purpose while the other may have been a weapons-related space platform or test vehicle. We simply do not know. What we do know is that the US military wouldn’t invest this much effort, planning and money into so massive a launch unless its purpose was critical for national security.

So, while everyone on earth is preoccupied with pro sports, celebrity activities, Christmas shopping and monetary traumas in the global financial system, several nations are very quietly preparing to fight a future war in space. Nations such as the USA, China, Russia and Japan are named participants in this space warfare preparation. There may be other nations as well.  The links below report on information that has found its way into public domain reports. We can be sure that the nations are not revealing everything that they are doing in their secret war preparations. Previous postings at this blogsite about the development of “invisibility” or “cloaking” technologies for both weapons and people are part of the secret, high-tech war preparations that are now occurring. If we could know all of what is being developed and deployed in secret by several nations, I think we’d be amazed to learn that “science fiction” weaponry is rapidly becoming “science fact.” Genesis 11:6 supports that viewpoint.  Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 14, Revelation 16 & 19 and many other biblical prophecies warn that a climactic World War III will occur just prior to the return of Jesus Christ at the end of this age. The pieces are moving into place to fulfill all these prophecies, but most of the world’s population is oblivious to what is going on.