China’s rapid militarization program applies to its Air Force as well as its naval fleet. The first link below reveals that China has an aggressive program to develop and deploy a variety of state-of-the-art warplanes to use against its enemies in a future world war. [And we know from Ezekiel 38 that China’s enemies will be the USA, NATO, the western nations and their Asian allies]. Keep in mind as you view that link that it includes both actual photos of deployed aircraft and depictions of planned or not-yet-photographed Chinese warplanes.

It reports that Janes’ All the World’s Aircraft, the “Bible” of global military forces, stated as long ago as December, 2008 that “China has been developing a ‘heavyweight’ stealth fighter for many years” (emphasis added), and that China has also been building warplanes with the help of blueprints (stolen from the USA) for the B-2 bomber and the not-yet-built F-35 fighter. The F-35 fighter is not yet being built in the West, but given China’s extensive intelligence coups against western nations, a Chinese variant of the F-35 may already be in production in underground factories where the USA’s satellites can’t monitor any activities. Iran and North Korea have extensive underground production facilities and reports have mentioned Russia’s secret facilities buried deep under the Ural Mountains for years, so it is all but certain that China has such underground facilities as well.

The second link (accessible as a related link at the first one below) reports that the USA has also deployed a large and secret Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Afghanistan which is being used for both bombing and reconnaissance missions there. That is good news that the USA is developing some new unmanned aircraft. However, the bad news is that the as-yet-undeveloped F-35 fighter is now way over budget and who knows when it will ever be developed and deployed. It is now reported that the cost of the USA’s F-35 fighter has doubled beyond previous estimates to $113 million per plane. With libertine money-printing  by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board making higher inflation all but certain in the future, I think we can be sure that the stated cost for each F-35 will rise significantly in the future. The big cost overruns in the F-35 program make it all the more illogical that Congress cancelled the F-22 fighter program for the U.S. Air Force, even though it was superior to the F-35, already in production and was the most advanced jet fighter in the world.

So, here’s the facts. China is rapidly building new ultra-modern warplanes while the U.S. Congress decided to cancel the one truly-modern warplane that the U.S. was actually producing. Congress reminds me an old movie, The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight, which I think starred Don Knotts. The decisions of Congress are steadily placing the USA at a future disadvantage to the new and modern military weapons systems being built by China. You might want to remember that when you vote in the November elections.

One thing is certain. All those new modern warplanes and naval ships being built in China will be used by China against the USA and the West when the Gog-Magog war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 begins. The USA will defend itself with such weapons as the F-15 which was a Reagan-era design and which is so old that 700 of them had to be grounded a while back when one F-15 fell apart as it was flying. How soon will that prophesied war occur? My March 8th blog cited top Chinese military officials estimating (with the approval of the Chinese government) that this war will occur in “10-20 years at the most.” That means this war may be here in 5 years or so, and Ezekiel 38 prophesies that China will be joined by Russia, Iran and many other nations in attacking the USA and the West simultaneously.  However, we can all sleep peacefully knowing our current Congress is watching out for our safety…right?