In a strategic development not generally reported in the global press, China has opened a large new naval base in the Indian Ocean right on India’s doorstep. Five years in construction, the base opened in June of this year in Sri Lanka. It is capable of accommodating both large civilian merchant ships and China’s warships. China is developing many new ties with Sri Lanka, and recently had 24 Chinese generals conduct a lengthy tour of Sri Lanka as the two nations signed “multiple [military] agreements.”
Obviously, China wants a military base which can challenge India’s control of the Indian Ocean and this new Chinese-built seaport could also eventually serve as a base for Chinese cruise missiles aimed at India. At the very least, Chinese warships berthed in the seaport could fire their cruise missiles at targets within India. I also wonder if China will eventually base missiles in Sri Lanka capable of hitting the large US naval and air base at Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka?
Combining this new Chinese base in Sri Lanka with another Chinese-built seaport on the Indian Ocean in southern Pakistan, it is evident that China is making an effort to isolate and encircle India in the event of any future war. China also can base naval vessels at these ports to interdict oil tankers and cargo ships loaded with goods bound for North America, Europe or Japan in any future war or crisis.
China is carefully preparing for a future war. It is not only building massive numbers of new modern classes of weaponry, it is painstakingly building the facilities to project China’s power in locations distant from China. As China prepares for a future war, it is hard to see any western leaders who are even aware of this growing and very serious danger. As readers of this blog know from many previous posts, Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that just such a war is certain to come in a future year. I wonder how many lives will be lost because western leaders failed to heed the warning that God gave them in the Bible about 2500 years ago?