A variety of previous posts to this blog have documented the many ways in which China is planning to sink US aircraft carriers in the opening stages of a future world war with the USA. The ways documented to date have included advanced torpedoes, land-based ballistic missiles specifically developed to be “carrier-killers,” and multiple varieties of air-, sea-, and land-launched supersonic cruise missiles designed to overwhelm the defenses of US aircraft carriers which were originally designed to handle only subsonic cruise missiles. I’m sure Pentagon planners are aware of all these threats and are devising counter-measures to defend against these threats.

Now China is developing two new hi-tech weapons designed to sink US carriers. The link below, from The Washington Times, reports that China’s new weaponry includes localized EMP weapons and microwave weapons. I’m sure readers are familiar with EMP weapons (electro-magnetic pulse bombs) which would “fry” all unprotected solid-state/electronic digital circuitry anywhere within range of the weapons when they are detonated. It is thought that several of these EMP weapons detonated at high-altitudes over North America and Europe would shut down all civilian electrical, transportation and communications equipment. This has been known for years, and this link notes that China’s war plans include using these weapons against the US mainland itself in any future war. Presumably, the USA would also use EMP weapons against China in any war.

However, China is developing smaller, localized EMP weapons designed to detonate over US carrier battle groups to disable them. Hopefully, the Pentagon has sufficiently “hardened” its ships and weaponry against EMP blasts so they could withstand the EMP shock wave, but that is not known for sure. China also is developing the ability to detonate microwave bursts over US carrier battle groups to “shut down…radar, communications, computers and other electronics in an opening salvo [emphasis added].” This language indicates the Chinese see an opportunity to use intense microwave bursts to disable the ability of American carriers and other ships to defend against the EMP, missile and torpedo attacks that would immediately follow the initial microwave bursts. The article also states the Chinese have tested the microwave weapons against animal species to see the extent to which they are disabled by microwave bursts. One wonders if the Chinese have already tested microwave weapons against human prisoners to see what effects intense microwave bursts would have on the American sailors who are manning the carrier battle groups. If the Chinese can use microwave bursts to kill or disable the American sailors manning the carriers and their escort ships, it will make it easy for China to use their other weapons to sink American ships with their other weaponry. Of course, Chinese EMP and microwave weapons could be used against American army and air force personnel as well.

The link cites a “secret” report which indicates these new Chinese weapons were known to American warplanners as long ago as 2005, and it also discusses the possible use of EMP weapons in an invasion of Taiwan. If used in this role, the Chinese EMP weapons would have to be low-yield, and, I assume, detonated at low altitudes over Taiwan as any high-altitude detonation of an EMP weapon over Taiwan could also damage electronics all over Southern China as well.

Make no mistake about it. China is deadly serious about sinking all American carriers in the opening stages of a future war, and they are building multiple weapons with which to simultaneously attack US carriers. Did anyone in the establishment American news networks tell you that China is this far along in its determined plans to build the weaponry to fight and defeat the USA? China is preparing for war against the USA and its allies just as determinedly as Hitler’s Germany was preparing to fight a war against France, England and their allies in the 1930s. It is my opinion that the US media (and government) is hiding this fact from the American public because China is the main foreign creditor of the American government. The link confirms the US government knows about all the growing Chinese threats. What is the US government doing to prepare to defend its carriers and win a war against China in the future? Since it is not clear if the American commander-in-chief, President Obama, has ever so much as fired a BB gun, is the military hampered in its efforts to prepare the nation for this future war because of the military ignorance or naivety of its own commander-in chief? Obama once called a Navy Corpsman a “corpse-man.” If he cannot even pronounce military terms correctly, how can he understand the technical military/geopolitical issues a US president must be able to understand?

The above of course, is totally consistent with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a surprise attack against the USA, the West and its allies at the very end of this age, prompting Divine intervention. Ezekiel 38:20 prophesies a great, global earthquake will occur when God’s “presence” comes to the earth as the war is raging. Revelation 16 parallels Ezekiel 38-39 as it also prophesies a great, global earthquake will occur when Jesus Christ returns to intervene in the “Armageddon'” war which will be raging at the very end of this age. Revelation 19:11-21 describes this intervention in greater detail. No doubt, it will appear that a time of “peace on earth” has been attained among the nations just before this war breaks out (I Thessalonians 5:2-3). But the war will come. It is only a matter of time. It is possible that a preliminary war between China and the USA will occur over Taiwan prior to the end-time World War III prophesied in the Bible for the end of the age, but any such “preliminary war” between China and the USA is not addressed in the Bible. If any reader of this post has not read my in-depth article entitled, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals About a Future World War III [PDF] available at this website’s homepage, I urge you to do so. Indeed, let your church friends know about it as well. The more people that can be awakened to this impending danger, the better!