After a slow overhaul process, the Chinese Navy has finally begun sea trials for its first aircraft carrier (see first link below). The carrier was already largely built when the Chinese acquired it from Russia, so it has been a very slow effort by the Chinese to get this carrier refitted for sea trials. This will significantly increase the reach of the Chinese Navy when it becomes operational, but the fact that China has poured large resources into constructing submarines and cruise-missile equipped surface ships (to sink carriers) while moving very slowly to build carriers indicates to me that the Chinese have concluded it is far easier to sink a carrier than defend one.

Taiwan has apparently come to the same conclusion. On the same day the Communist Chinese began their carrier’s sea trials, Taiwan announced to the world that it had a ramjet-powered cruise missile that is designed to sink China’s new carrier if it ever gets close to Taiwan (or close enough to Taiwan’s warplanes that could carry the ramjet-powered missile to a suitable launch distance from China’s carrier). This information is in the second link which also reveals that Taiwan is building a land-launched, ramjet-powered missile which can hit targets on mainland China. An important step in preventing war is to have sufficient power to deter an attack. I believe Taiwan just sent a message to try and deter China from making an attack against Taiwan. Indeed, one wonders if Taiwan already has such a land-launched cruise missile which can hit targets in mainland China. Taiwan has lived under threat of a Chinese invasion for decades, so it has had a long time to build its own weaponry or purchase them openly or secretly on the world market. I expect that if China ever launches an attack vs. Taiwan to take it over, Taiwan intends to make it so costly for the Communist Chinese (who would have to land all their invading troops on Taiwan via long sea or air trips) that it will make it not worth their while to attempt it.

One thought comes to mind if Taiwan develops a ramjet-powered missile which can be fired from its warplanes. In the event of war, Taiwan could send its warplanes with ramjet-equipped missiles to target China’s Three Gorges Dam in order to unleash a tidal wave of destructive water into southern China if it is breached. I wonder how many missile hits the Three Gorges Dam can withstand before it breaches? I’m sure that China realizes that the Three Gorges Dam is one of the likeliest targets of any nation with whom China chooses to go to war. Breaching that immense dam would cause incalculable damage throughout southern China.

Japan also worries about China’s new carrier (see third link). As the Japanese diplomatic note observes, China’s new carrier is an “offensive” weapon. Obviously it is an offensive weapon, and it can threaten any nation in the Pacific Rim from Japan to India. Japan has a right to be concerned. China insists its “drive to modernize its forces was entirely defensive.” Yeah, sure. Hitler’s drive to modernize Germany’s military in the 1930s was entirely defensive too (ha ha). Can anyone be so naive to think China is not preparing for a wide-scale, offensive war at a time of its choosing?

As I’ve noted in many articles and blog posts, Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that China (along with Russia, Iran and many other nations) will attack the western world’s nations at the very end of this age. Ezekiel 38 reveals that China’s intentions are not “defensive” in nature. Based on my understanding of biblical prophecy, this great attack of the eastern bloc nations against the western bloc and their Asian allies is not due to occur for several years yet. However, I’m not infallible. China is rapidly preparing to fight and win a war against the USA and its allies. My understanding of when this surprise attack will occur might be wrong. I hope all readers have read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III [PDF]. Those who read that article will see that the course (and result) of World War III was prophesied by God over 2500 years ago. If Nostradamus had made such specific prophesies which were coming true before our eyes, there would be many TV documentaries about it. Because the Bible is the source of these fulfilled prophesies, the world’s media is consistently silent about it.