Steven Collins
June 15, 2007
I have to share something with readers of this blog that I heard on two cable-TV programs tonight. I watched a program on CNBC called (I think) “Kudlow and Friends” as well as the Lou Dobbs news program on CNN. After watching these programs, it is clear that the Chinese threat to America is getting worse.
The Kudlow program is always “business friendly,” so the portion of the program I caught really stood out. One of his guests was Robert Reich, a former cabinet secretary in the Clinton Administration. Both he and Mr. Kudlow were lamenting the newly-discovered fact that the Taliban of Afghanistan are using modern Chinese weaponry to attack and kill US troops. It seemed apparent that China was conveying this weaponry to the Taliban via Iran, which has a strong weapons trade with China. Mr. Reich commented on the need for a presidential candidate to emerge who would say to American Business that the security needs of America need to be placed ahead of short-term business desires in our national China policy. Mr. Reich is right, and I hope such a candidate develops. Such a candidate is desperately needed, as we will see below.
Then I watched the Lou Dobbs news program and learned that China is about to exploit a loophole in the NAFTA treaty which will enable China to further economic warfare on US manufacturers. Mr. Dobbs’s program revealed that China is building a huge vehicle plant in Tijuana, Mexico which will produce vehicles/trucks to compete with US auto manufacturers. China already has distribution agreements with outlets in seven US states and the Chinese vehicles are expected to arrive in the USA in 2009. Since US manufacturers have high legacy (i.e. “health care” costs) and Mexico will have cheap workers to exploit, China clearly sees a way to put US auto manufacturers out of business. This has huge national security ramifications, as the USA would lose the ability to produce tanks, armored vehicles, etc. if American assembly lines shut down. China’s Mexican gambit further advances the Chinese war plans against America revealed in the book Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America by Chinese Col. Qiao Liang and Col. Wang Xiangsui of Communist China’s military forces. China would be allowed to more easily “invade” the US markets by selling its vehicles duty-free because they were made in Mexico (a NAFTA “partner”).
Lou Dobbs reacted like a patriotic American instead of a vapid newsreader. He called the Bush Administration’s permissive polices toward China “stupid” and labeled them “idiots.” When he and Kitty Pilgrim, a fellow CNN staffer on the program, were discussing the US State Department, Lou Dobbs said “The State Department never says anything straight or well.” He added he was “disgusted” at US trade policies. Lou Dobbs is right. I recommend that readers watch his news program on CNN (5 PM Central Time) for an uninhibited and accurate view of the accelerating decline of the USA under the Bush Administration policies. He is especially tough on the Bushies re: China and immigration policy.
China’s new strategy re: trade will create an ominous new threat to America’s well-being. Indeed, even America’s survival may be at stake. If China creates a huge new vehicle plant in Mexico, it is predictable that many other Chinese-owned manufacturing plants will be created in Mexico as well. NAFTA’s provisions make it impossible(?) for the USA to defend itself against China’s predatory trade strategy via Mexico. NAFTA was intended to benefit Mexican, Canadian and American manufacturers, but the Chinese dragon is making itself an unintended fourth party to the deal. President Bush and much of Congress seem too busy with other matters to pay attention to America’s economic and security interests. If Chinese plants multiply in Mexico, there will be thousands of Chinese personnel in Mexico. Eventually, there will be tens of thousands of Chinese personnel in Mexico. Will China eventually have the equivalent of several infantry divisions prepositioned in Mexico (disguised as Chinese managers, supervisors, marketers, construction workers, etc.)? China already has many such personnel pre-positioned in Chinese “businesses” located by the Panama Canal. As a result, China could easily disable the Panama Canal when a Chinese-American war breaks out in the future. I’ve seen internet media photos of Chinese military leaders meeting with Raoul Castro, Fidel’s heir-apparent in Cuba. Hugo Chavez has allied himself with Iran and will be producing or importing large numbers of weapons from Iran (and presumably, Russia and China as well). Daniel Ortega’s leftist Nicaragua is likely to fall into Chavez’s anti-American orbit, if he hasn’t already. Ecuador seems to falling Chavez’s anti-American lead. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that a surprise attack against the USA and its Western allies will occur in the latter days of this age, and that the attack will be led by China, Russia and Iran. The leaders of these nations learned well from the USA’s policy of “encirclement” of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. They are now implementing an “encirclement” policy of the USA in our hemisphere. If Chinese “workers” and personnel pour into Mexico to build and operate new Chinese plants in Mexico, it will indicate that this attack is drawing ever nearer.
Why is President Bush and much of Congress so torpid and passive given the growing military and economic threat posed by China (along with its Russian and Iranian allies). President Bush actively sounds the alarm about Iran’s threat, but he can “see no evil” in the actions of Russia and China, even though those nations are far greater threats to the USA than Iran. I think the reason is that the multinational corporations of “Babylon the Great” have many investments in Russia and China, but next to none in Iran. President Bush does not want to jeopardize the business interests of the large corporations he represents by facing the Russian and Chinese threats directly. He (and much of the Western world’s leadership) prefer to deny the growing dangers and pretend they will disappear. They won’t disappear. They will steadily get worse.
It is now apparent why President Bush’s administration refuses to enforce its own federal immigration laws. Not only does President Bush’s “open borders” policy benefit large US businesses by providing them with a cheap source of illegal labor, it will allow the import of cheap Chinese goods soon to be made in Mexico. I suggest readers do a websearch on these terms: “North American Union” and “NAFTA Superhighway.” Some salient links re: these subjects are provided below on this subject. President Bush’s administration, in concert with allies in Canada and Mexico, apparently intend to unite these three nations in a “North American Union” (NAU). The NAU would have supranational authority over all three nations. It likely will be able to tax everyone and is not likely to be elected by (or accountable to) anyone. Would the US Constitution even have relevance if a NAU is enacted?
Newsmax Magazine’s November, 2006 issue had an article about the NAFTA Superhighway which will be “four football fields wide” and will be built all along the I-29 and I-35 superhighway routes from Mexican ports to US and Canadian markets. The article reported this project will give China a “vast footprint” all over North America. This would allow China to preposition countless thousands of Chinese “workers” all across North America, giving China a huge advantage in the future invasion of the USA prophesied by Ezekiel 38. Few members of Congress have “woke up” to the dangers posed by these projects to US sovereignty and security.
Lou Dobb’s open exasperation at the policies and decisions of the Bush Administration ought to be shared by all Americans. It is well-known that the Bush policies pander to Mexico on immigration issues and to China on trade and monetary matters. Now it is evident that the Chinese interests now coincide with Mexican interests. The Bush Administration’s policies seem to work to steadily erode America’s economic and security interests even as they steadily advance China’s interests. There was once a movie called “The Manchurian Candidate” which was about a Presidential candidate groomed by the Chinese to work in their interests once he took office. China’s doesn’t need a “Manchurian candidate” to advance its interests. President Bush is already doing everything they could ask.
Maybe that’s the problem. Perhaps China has not just “asked,” but has “told” President Bush what he must do to keep the mega-billions of Chinese dollars coming to the US Treasury auctions to keep the US government financially afloat. Proverbs 22:7 warns that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” Given the Bush Administration’s strange reluctance to act in behalf of American economic and security interests vis a vis China, it may be that US leaders are increasingly becoming “servants” to directives coming from China. Until we elect a President and Congress that are willing to take the medicine of the “hard times” that would be necessary to free the USA from the grip that the Chinese dragon now has on America’s throat, things will not improve.

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