May 5, 2009
Steve Collins
China’s military build-up “appears aimed at the United States” and at US bases in the Pacific region according to Admiral Michael Mullen, the Chairman of the USA’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. This report is in the first link below from the Reuters news service. While couched in diplomatic terminology, this statement should be ringing alarm bells in the USA, but Americans aren’t generally allowed to know such things. This report came from a European media source, and I saw no mention of this warning on the major American news media.
The first link also mentioned the harassment of a US ship by five Chinese vessels about two months ago, an incident about which the Obama administration did nothing noticeable. Since the Obama administration reacted weakly to the first such incident, the Chinese have done it a second time. In a second such incident last Friday, FOX News reported that two Chinese fishing vessels came within 30 yards of another US ship The incident reportedly lasted an hour after which the US ship meekly requested help from a Chinese military ship to end the incident. No meaningful US response has occurred, and this is sending another very weak signal about the Obama administration’s mettle to the Communist Chinese government. The US responded with a diplomatic note about this second harassment incident. Those diplomatic notes from the USA  will come in handy in the event there is ever a toilet paper shortage in the Chinese Foreign Office. There is no way that Chinese fishing vessels would deliberately harass a US ship unless ordered to do so by the Communist Chinese government. It is not unusual for America’s enemies to test a new US President to see if he has any toughness in him. So far, the Chinese tests have revealed nothing but weakness in the new Obama administration. However, it is hard for Obama to get tough with China since China is now the USA’s main banker. Proverbs 22:7’s wisdom mandates Obama to take a weak position vis a vis China.
Meanwhile, China continues its rapid military expansion. The third link below (from a Taiwanese media source) is a report about China’s unveiling its new nuclear-powered submarines. According to this report, China already has ten new nuclear-powered submarines to add to its 60 diesel-powered submarines. China is rapidly deploying ever-increasing numbers of submarines. Clearly, they intend to use submarines to attack US carriers and other western targets in a future war. If these submarines are all eventually equipped with Russia’s new supersonic cruise missile called the “Sizzler,” each Chinese sub will be capable of firing volleys of supersonic cruise missiles at each US carrier in the opening minutes of a future war. The USA better be rapidly developing and deploying a defensive countermeasure to this Russian/Chinese carrier-killer to deploy on our naval ships. If we don’t, our carriers are all sitting ducks. Previous blogs have examined the sizzler missiles in greater depth.
The fourth link below (from a British source) includes a photo gallery of the Chinese Navy’s recent military parade of its ships to showcase its growing military power. [What you didn’t hear that it happened? The US media is keeping you in the dark more than you know re: world military developments.] If you look at photos #2 and #6, you will see the new Chinese nuclear submarines. If you look closely, the sub in photo 2 and the lead sub in photo 6 have protrusions for holding missiles. The other subs in photo 6 appear to lack them so they would be killer “attack” subs. I have not seen reports listing whether the new sizzler cruise missile can be fired from torpedo tubes or if a sub must surface in order to shoot them at US carriers or other targeted ships.
All of the above is further confirmation of the rapid rise of the “Gog Magog” military alliance which was prophesied to come into existence in (mostly) Asia in the latter days. The fact that Ezekiel 38’s prophesied alliance is coming to pass right before our eyes confirms the Divine authorship of the Bible. The USA (under both GOP and Democrat Presidents) has foolishly moved its manufacturing capacity to China and made itself dependent on Communist Chinese bankers. One can’t blame Communist China for taking advantage of the American foolishness. Given the venality of US politicians and the greed and short-term thinking of Wall Street, China’s take-over of a large portion of America’s production capacity and its acquiring a position of dominance over the US Government’s finances was like “taking candy from a baby.” America’s leaders still haven’t “wised up” to what is happening. Perhaps they never will. Ezekiel 38:10-12 reveal that the attack of Russia, China, Iran, etc. vs. the USA, NATO and the other latter-day nations of the house of “Israel” will be a total surprise. If you still think that Ezekiel 38’s reference to “Israel” means the Israeli Jewish nation, I invite you to listen to my audio messages (Parts One and Two) on the history of the house of “Israel” at the “speeches” link at this website. Those messages identify the modern nations of “Israel” that will surely be attacked in a future year. God has decreed in Ezekiel 38 that it will happen. It matters not at all what the nations try to do to avoid this outcome. It will happen.