Steven Collins
August 6, 2007
The front-page article in the July 30, 2007 issue of The Washington Times (National Weekly Edition) was entitled: “FBI: China Espionage a ‘substantial concern.'” This was one of the few media outlets that dared to acknowledge publicly how bad the situation now is.
It cited FBI Director Robert Mueller III as follows: “China is stealing our secrets in an effort to leap ahead in terms of its military technology, but also the economic capability of China. It is a substantial threat that we are addressing…” Joel Brenner, the director of national counterintelligence, was further cited as saying China is “eating our lunch” and added that the Chinese are “very aggressive in obtaining technology, often before it is fully developed by US researchers.” [Emphasis added.]
Did you catch the impact of what this quote said? It stated that China’s spies are “often” stealing secrets even during the developmental research stages in laboratories! How can this happen? Isn’t anyone in the US Government or the corporate and research facilities “minding the store?” I wish the article had said what methods the Chinese are using to “eat our lunch” during recent years. Are they using old-fashioned bribes? Honey-traps? Planting compromised Chinese expatriates in sensitive positions by using affirmative action quotas to get them hired? China is likely using all these methods and more. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me if some researchers are deliberately “leaking” secret information to China so it can get to the manufacturing facilities of favored corporations in China who can bring things to market quickly at a competitive advantage without cumbersome US permits and red tape being involved.
However it is happening, let’s call it what it is. Treason! Our nation has grown squeamish about using this word. Its a pity that this word “Treason!” isn’t used to describe the betrayal of America’s military and economic secrets. When America was a strong and rising nation, it executed such traitors. Now the nation can’t seem to “mind the store” on anything. The USA can’t guard its secrets and it won’t guard its borders. A nation so lethargic in defending itself is in an advanced state of decline. The USA needs to rouse itself from its torpor about its own national security and its own national interests or it will eventually cease to be a nation. Either it will be submerged into a North American Union or it will simply be invaded from abroad and defeated. If national repentance does not occur, Ezekiel 38 has already revealed how the future will unfold. At some point in a future year, Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China and Iran will lead an alliance which will militarily attack and invade the nations of the “house of Israel” in the latter days. The Russian-Chinese-Iranian Axis already exists.
Those who have read my books and articles know that the modern “house of Israel” are the nations descended from the people of the ancient ten tribes of Israel. Yes, they went into exile, but God promised that they would become nations with huge populations after their exile (Hosea 1:10). Josephus attests that the ten tribes already had a massive population in his time and his naming of their western geographical border easily reveals where the ten tribes were in the 1st century AD. From that location it is easy to track their migrations to the current nations and continents where they live today in what is called the Western World. Genesis 49 and Revelation 7 prophecy that the ten tribes will be present among the nations of the world in the latter days of our age just before the return of Jesus Christ who will become the King of Kings, ruling all nations on the earth with his saints (Revelation 20:1-6). Ezekiel 38 is a 2600 year-old prophecy which is precisely coming to pass in our time. If you want to prove it to yourself, you can order my books at the book links at this website or you can begin by reading some of the free articles posted at this website.
Aggressive Chinese spying on America is entirely consistent with the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. For much information on this subject, you are invited to read my article at this website: “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” available at the “prophecy” link in the articles section.
How bad has Chinese spying already compromised the national security of the USA? Consider this quote from the above Washington Times news story:
        “Recent Chinese espionage successes include design information on all of the most advanced US
        nuclear weapons, US missile design and guidance technology, electromagnetic weapons and space-
        launch capabilities…according to “a national counterintelligence executive [named] Michelle Van
Those are just the “recent” Chinese espionage successes. They have had many previous successes as media articles previously documented China’s theft of the USA’s missile-guidance systems and submarine-quieting techniques in earlier years. The USA is concerned with protecting Iraq’s security and territorial integrity when it should be focusing on America’s own security and territorial integrity.
China isn’t slow to build the military technologies that they steal from the USA. Bill Gertz, in his “Inside the Ring” section in the July 23, 2007 issue of The Washington Times (National Weekly Edition) wrote “China’s military last week quietly showed  a new medium-range missile that is part of Beijing’s rapid military build-up of nuclear and conventional forces” which he adds is “…’another surprise’ from China’s military…” This same article also revealed the production of a new short-range missile which is “China’s first anti-ship ballistic missile designed to attack US aircraft carriers and other warships.” Mr. Gertz adds: “The US does not have anti-missile capabilities to defend large US ships against this threat.” In other words, China has a huge edge on the US military and US aircraft carriers are now sitting ducks against China’s new anti-ship missiles. In the July 9, 2007 issue of his same column in The Washington Times, Mr. Gertz also mentioned “…China’s newest ballistic-missile submarine, labeled the Jin-class by the Pentagon.” The article notes that five such subs will be built (quickly, no doubt) and this will increase China’s nuclear arsenal by 576 warheads. You can be sure that these missile subs will have many of these missiles targeted at cities and military bases in the USA.
The USA better wake up out of its lethargy and blindness re: China’s warlike intentions. Foolish American policies have already allowed China to steal much of our manufacturing base and to allow Chinese money lenders to develop a chokehold over the US economy. Now they are stealing our military secrets while they are still in the research labs!
China is, indeed, “eating our lunch.” A succession of US Presidents and Congresses have been steadily forfeiting US global dominance to China. At the current rate of American incompetence in protecting itself and its own secrets, Ezekiel 38 may be fulfilled a lot sooner than anyone expects.