Media sources are widely reporting that Chinese hackers have conducted a major cyber-attack which resulted in a massive data breach wherein they obtained the personal information on “at least” four million current and retired federal employees (first link, second link). There seems to be little doubt the hackers were from China. Obviously, these hackers were up to no good. It is also worth noting at the outset that the first link reports that a previous Chinese data breach sought “the files of tens of thousands of workers who had applied for top-secret security clearances.” The Chinese hackers are looking for valuable information that they can exploit. Why would Chinese hackers want to try and locate social security numbers and “personal information” about current and past federal employees? I have some specific suggestions.

Given that Chinese national and military policies have, for many years, been designed to prepare for an eventual war with the USA and its allies, let’s assume that this data breach was meant to help Chinese war efforts. How could this cyber attack on federal employees’ information help their war effort planning? They could be looking for people to blackmail to obtain national security secrets. That would be a valid possibility, but I think the real purpose is more nefarious.

In a war effort, the attacking nations (which the Ezekiel 38 prophecy says China, Russia, Iran, etc. will be in a latter-day World War III which will end this current age of mankind) will seek to gain as much information as possible that will help them hinder a targeted nation’s ability to respond to the attack. What triggered my following thoughts are previous media reports that ISIL/ISIS is attempting to stimulate attacks by individual Jihadis on US soil against US military personnel. This brings up several possibilities. Could China be trying to build a database of key US federal officials and employees and then sell the data to ISIL/ISIS? This is possible, but I think the real purpose of the data breach is even more sinister.

When the prophesied surprise attack of the Gog-Magog alliance comes in the future vs. the USA, NATO and all the western allies, China and its allies will want to do all that is possible to make it hard for the targeted nations to respond effectively in their own defense. They will surely attack as many military targets as possible throughout the world to try to destroy as much of the American, NATO and allied war-making potential as possible. It will be a “Pearl Harbor-type” attack on a global scale. I think they will be far more painstaking in their planning than Japan was in its 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. We already know that China is preparing to sink US aircraft carriers via new ballistic and cruise missiles. Those weapons would be used vs. deployed US aircraft carriers and capital ships. They could also be used easily vs. US warships in port or in dry dock for either crew R&R or retrofitting efforts. I fully expect that the Gog-Magog nations have pre-positioned many infiltrated agents who will live normal lives within the USA until they are activated to carry out acts of sabotage which will be timed to coincide with the onset of hostilities. US critical civilian infrastructures, military bases, communications nodes, etc. would all be targets for such attacks. However, there are more possibilities.

By hacking into secure US government databases, the Gog-Magog nations could be attempting to identify the physical addresses of key national leaders and military personnel with key national security roles. Obviously, they could try to “decapitate” the US command and control network by killing key officials in civilian and military command and control hierarchies in one timed blow against all of them at the start of hostilities. This would paralyze the ability of the USA to respond to an attack. Also, the Chinese may be attempting to identify individuals with key military specialties so they can also be targeted at the beginning of hostilities. Such key individuals would be all pilots and cockpit crew members of all kinds of US warplanes, key technicians in the AEGIS air defense systems of US warships, drone operators who sit at computers and fly attack missions via military drones thousands of miles away, USAF Space Command technicians who operate the strategic American satellites, those working in DARPA “black projects,” submariners, etc. If China can identify such key “personal information” as their physical addresses, it would greatly assist the implanted moles of Russia, China, Iran, etc. to know which military and civilian personnel to target. By seeking the same information on recently-retired military and civilian personnel, the Gog-Magog attackers would also know who to eliminate so the recently-retired personnel could not be called back into active service to replace active-duty casualties in a war.

I think we need to realize that the Gog-Magog attackers will use every type of asymmetric and unexpected war tactic to defeat the US and its allies in a future war. They are playing to win by any means necessary; they are not going to care about fighting according to our rules of “civilized” warfare. In 2002, a book was released entitled, Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America, by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The book was an English-language version of a Chinese internal war department planning guide on how to prepare for a future war with the USA. It quotes a Chinese Defense Minister as saying, “War [with the United States] is inevitable; we cannot avoid it,” and it calls for using techniques and weapons “without morality” to defeat the USA. That document was never intended to be leaked to China’s enemies. I hope someone in the US Command Structure and Pentagon has read this book, because it gives many specific insights into how devious the Chinese will be in setting up the USA for an attack.

China’s efforts to cyber-attack US government databases to find critical personal information about US government employees should be seen in the light of the devious types of asymmetrical warfare the Chinese military planners are advocating for use vs. the USA. All nations threatened by Chinese militarization should read this book as China will be targeting their nations in a similar manner.

One final suggestion: I suggest that in light of this data breach where China likely obtained the street addresses of all key civilian and military personnel, every American official or military employee in a key national security role should now move to a new physical address and only use “PO Box” addresses for their communications with administrative US agencies. It really is that serious. All such key personnel should be really hard to locate.