American media reports from the Copenhagen “Global Warming” Conference reported that very little was actually accomplished at that event. Indeed, I also did a blog about the scientific evidence of global cooling taking effect even as the tendentious Copenhagen Conference was held. However, our American media apparently hushed up a major story that took place behind the scenes at the Copenhagen event. The British media (see first link below) did report about a rather shocking display of raw power that China imposed on the rest of the world as well as China’s major personal snub directed at President Obama. I thank an alert reader of this blog who sent me this link.

Mark Lynas, whose account of the backroom Copenhagen events was posted at, claims to have witnessed these events as a member of one of the national delegations present when many heads-of-state were personally discussing the issues. Mr. Lynas reports that China single-handedly torpedoed any meaningful actions being taken at the Copenhagen meeting. He relates that German Prime Minister Merkel, Australian Prime Minister Rudd, British Prime Minister Brown and the American President Obama were all essentially “stiffed” by China’s refusal to allow any meaningful actions to be implemented. There are many conservatives and nationalists around the world that cheer China’s stubbornness on this issue!

What is even more revealing though is the manner of China’s major personal snub of Obama in the meeting. Mr. Lynas’ column reports the diplomatic snub as being “obvious and brutal.” While many nations had their head-of-state present, China sent a mere “second-tier official in the country’s foreign ministry to sit opposite Obama himself.” In what was a snub to all the heads-of-state present was the fact that the underling representing China kept the world’s heads-of-state waiting while he “went off to make telephone calls to his ‘superiors.'” That China’s head-of-state did not “deign to attend the meetings personally,” and refused to sit facing Obama was a huge snub to everyone in general, but to Obama it was a massive personal insult. This action indicates that China feels quite able to throw its weight around in world geopolitics as an emerging superpower, and I don’t think it was an accident that China openly snubbed the head-of-state of the USA (the current, but imperiled superpower).

Why did China purposefully insult and snub Obama in such a “obvious and brutal” way? I think China is getting more and more upset at the recklessness and, perhaps, outright fraudulent financial acts perpetrated against China and the rest of the world by Wall Street and the U.S. Treasury Department. One of my previous blogs mentioned that China was threatening to allow Chinese counter-parties to renege on their derivatives contracts because those contracts may have been fraudulently misrepresented when first sold to Chinese investors. Several media reports also noted that China made it known that, as America’s biggest creditor, it did not want Ben Bernanke reappointed as the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. Obama reappointed Bernanke in spite of China’s objections. That made China angry. Then it was reported that Hong Kong officials (Hong Kong is a Chinese protectorate) had discovered that hundreds of gold bars were actually tungsten bars coated with a thin film of real gold to dupe investors. The second link reports on this mostly-hushed-up story and it points the finger at the USA as the source of the phony gold bars. While I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information in the second link, it alleges that vast numbers of phony gold bars have been made in the USA (with official approval) and that a huge number of the gold bars in Ft. Knox are phony tungsten bars. If this report is anywhere near true, and China and other foreign buyers have been stuck with phony tungsten bars instead of gold bars, China has good reason to be very angry at the USA.

The Chinese snub of Obama at Copenhagen confirms that China is very “ticked off” at the USA and it doesn’t care if the rest of the world knows it (which it now does). American citizens, as usual, will be the last to know about this important development. If China’s anger grows, it may take decisive action to punish the USA in world financial and commodity markets. It is no secret that China is trying to get its nation and citizens out of U.S. dollars and into gold and silver as quickly as possible (see third link). That may give us an indication of what China has in mind for the future of the U.S. dollar as the world’s global reserve currency. As I’ve stated many times in my blogs, Revelation 17-18 prophesy that the latter-day global system of “Babylon the Great” (identified explicitly in Revelation 18:3 as a self-indulgent alliance of the “merchants of the earth”—global multinationals—and the “kings of the earth”—political/governmental leaders) is destined to experience a very hard fall and be replaced by a global “beast” system. The modern western-based globalist system of capitalism is clearly Babylon the Great, and it is based in the USA. China may already be plotting to arrange that “hard fall” in conjunction with a variety of other nations and power blocs. When the hard fall of Babylon the Great occurs, it may be traceable to China or it may not be. However, it will happen. The only question is when will it occur. China’s obvious disdain for President Obama and the USA at Copenhagen argue that the “hard fall” is drawing closer.