Steven Collins
August 29, 2007
In a story dated August 27, 2007, The Times of London reported that “China has hacked into the computers of Angela Merkel’s Chancellery and three other German ministries in an extraordinary economic espionage operation.” German authorities mounted “the biggest digital defence ever mounted by the German state” in response to the Chinese hackers who were “siphoning [information] off almost daily…to Lanzhou…and Beijing.” The Times article added “that the operation must have been steered by the [Chinese] state and, in particular, the People’s Liberation Army.” The article noted that “there is no mistaking German anger.” A cover story about this subject in the prominent German magazine, Der Spiegel, was entitled “The Yellow Spies.”
China made predictable denials about its involvement, but the Chinese cyber attack against Germany should hardly be a surprise. Media articles have previously discussed similar Chinese cyber-attacks against the USA, and Russia launched a coordinated cyber-attack against the little nation of Estonia earlier this year. China’s cyber-attack against Germany is not only evidence of economic spying against the Western nations, but also represents regular probing of the cyber defences in Western nations to learn their weak points.
As readers of this blog know, Russia and China (with help from Iran and other nations) are prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to militarily attack the nations of the West in “the latter days.” Cyber attacks by Russia and China amount to electronic reconnaissance missions against the West in preparation for that future event. Germany is an important member of NATO and the western alliance so it would be surprising if it was not periodically attacked by Chinese computer hackers. What is surprising is that the western nations seem shocked (shocked!) that China is acting in such an obviously hostile manner. Chinese and Russian actions have repeatedly demonstrated in recent years that their intent toward the Western nations is hostile. It is evident that the Cold War has resumed, however, this time the Cold War is more dangerous. Russia has been joined by China and Iran in a strategic alliance against the West and they are joining forces in a new Asian Axis to oppose the USA and the West. The Asian Axis is militarizing quickly, but the Western nations are doing little to meet the growing challenge. When will the West wake up to the fact that Russia, China and Iran are preparing for a future war, and that the Western nations must “face facts” and make preparations to meet this threat?