Recent blog posts have discussed the naval exercises the US Navy has conducted with South Korea, Vietnam and (in December) Japan. China has now pointedly warned Asian nations to stop conducting such naval exercises with the US Navy—ominously warning that such cooperation with the USA is “bad for their health.” China specifically warned South Korea and Vietnam that the USA is “far away, suffering from financial difficulties and is not a reliable partner while China is right next door.”  It further warned South Korea that its naval exercises with the US Navy “not only was antagonizing North Korea—it was also provoking China.” China also warned Vietnam that it was “incurring Chinese displeasure” by conducting naval exercises with the US Navy. China also noted that it was able to build its military quickly and the US is cutting back its military expenses.

This is openly threatening language from China toward its neighbors. The article below also mentions President Obama’s weakness in “accommodating” Chinese demands about where such naval maneuvers can be conducted. Obama likely doesn’t comprehend that each time he acts weakly and submits to Chinese demands, he is “losing face” all over Asia (and the world). Obama’s weakness as a leader is clearly emboldening China to act more like a bully toward its neighbors. If Obama had told China that the US Navy will conduct exercises in international waters anywhere it wants and ignored Chinese grumblings, Obama would have demonstrated resolve, but he was unable to do so. Obama’s weakness as a national leader gives China more ammunition to intimidate its neighbors. Unless Obama finds his backbone soon, he may risk losing the confidence of America’s allies and nations (like Vietnam) who are at least considering joining an anti-Chinese alliance.

Did any readers see reports in the mainstream media reporting about Obama’s weakness in dealing with China? I surely didn’t see a single such report. America badly needs strong leadership at this time of unprecedented national peril. Unfortunately we don’t have a strong leader, and we also have a weak, very unpopular Congress. It’s time for a major housecleaning in the American Congressional elections this November! Isaiah 3:2-5 warns that when nations disobey God, God will take away strong, mature leaders from those nations and replace them with weak, childish ones. America has been steadily abandoning God and his laws over the last few decades, and we now have the kind of leadership God promised that disobedient nations would have.

Let’s hope lots of Americans are praying II Chronicles 7:14. We badly need Divine help to return America to its past strength and national character.