An alert reader of this website tipped me off to this story in the Times of India (see first link below). It reports that China intends to “set up military bases in overseas locations that would possibly include Pakistan.” Note that this statement allows for China to build military bases in a variety of overseas nations, not just in Pakistan. Given that China has immense foreign currency reserves, it would be easy for China to finance a series of new overseas military bases. Also, since the USA has overseas military bases all over the world, China certainly has every right to do the same thing.

The first such overseas base will apparently be in Pakistan, a traditional ally of China and a nation which buys “70% of its military hardware from China.” The stated reason for such a base would be to counter radical Moslem extremists in Western China, but I think there are two far more important reasons. The  U.S. main overland supply line to its troops in Afghanistan runs through Pakistan. If China builds military bases in Pakistan, it will be in a position to shut off the  U.S. supply routes in the future. A previous blog at this website reported on the possibility that western nations want to dismember Pakistan and set up a pro-western government in Baluchistan to better reinforce western troops in Afghanistan. China is already building a major seaport in Gwadar on Pakistan’s Indian Ocean coastline, and I expect this new Chinese facility on Pakistani soil will develop into a major Chinese naval and army base. This will counter any western attempts to sever Baluchistan from China. While Pakistan may have qualms about hosting Chinese military bases on Pakistani soil, that may be the price that needs to be paid to ensure that Baluchistan remains within Pakistan. Also, having Chinese troops in Pakistan will threaten India as it will put Chinese forces on India’s western border region. Having Chinese reinforcements stationed in Pakistan will greatly strengthen Pakistan’s position against India. It will further push India into alliances with the USA, other western nations and Japan.

If China builds bases in Pakistan, it will gain a “veto” over the overland supply route to American troops in Afghanistan. Russia already has a “veto” over the  U.S. air supply routes into Afghanistan via Russia’s powerful influence over the Central Asian nations which were once part of the USSR. This will give the two most powerful nations in the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38 the power to shut down supply lines to  U.S. troops in Afghanistan whenever they wish to do so in the future.  U.S. troops in Afghanistan have no secure supply lines and no secure lines of retreat. This is a very unwise deployment by any military perspective, and it apparently continues only to keep alive fanciful hopes of a major energy pipeline by western oil companies from Central Asia through Afghanistan and Pakistani Baluchistan to the Indian Ocean. It is also exhausting  U.S. troops and wearing out  U.S. military equipment in pursuit of no clear American strategic goal.

The second link below indicates that new Chinese bases in Pakistan are all but a certainty. According to a Chinese government source, China “should also be able to put pressure on the potential enemies’ areas of interest.” The report makes it clear that the USA and India are the “potential enemies” that will be targeted by these new overseas Chinese bases. This is a dangerous development for American geopolitical interests. As is usual with important issues such as this, the establishment American media will almost certainly not inform the American people about this new threat from China. Also, since China apparently intends to build overseas military bases in nations other than Pakistan, where might those bases be? If I were directing China’s war-preparation plans, I’d put such bases on Iran’s coastline (to help Iran block the Strait Of Hormuz), Burma (to help control the Straits of Malacca and threaten India from the east as well as the west and north), and in Venezuela (to control access to the Panama Canal). Current American leaders seem completely oblivious to the growing dangers they face from the Gog-Magog alliance so accurately foretold in Ezekiel 38 (written about 2500 years ago). That biblical prophecy reveals that war is a certainty. This rivalry will not end peacefully.

In previous blogs, I have expressed my viewpoint that Ezekiel 38’s prophecy foretells Pakistan will be part of the anti-American and anti-western Gog-Magog alliance at the end of this age. If China begins building military bases in Pakistan, as now seems likely, this will almost certainly come to pass and Ezekiel 38’s prophecy will be affirmed even more as the pivotal latter-day prophecy in identifying the final alignments of the global alliances on earth when World War III breaks out in the future. See my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about A Future World War III, to gain an insight into what the Bible reveals about the dangerous future that will unfold in world geopolitics in the years ahead of us. Once you understand what modern nations are identified in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, it is easy to understand what will certainly come to pass in the future. God’s hand is guiding these prophecies toward fulfillment, and he promises he will bring them to pass (Isaiah 41:21-26).