In an important story not covered, apparently, by any major media other than the Washington Times, China has actually threatened to go to war with both Vietnam and the Philippines. According to the Times report (see below), China is furious about being excluded from a meeting of Southeast Asian nations regarding the competing claims of Asian nations for sovereignty over sections of the South China Sea. China is especially furious because, if my memory is correct, China claims substantially all of the South China Sea as its own. Since all the other Asian nations do know this, China’s exclusion from the regional meeting about territorial claims in the South China Sea can easily be seen as a direct slap at China by other regional nations for China’s excessive claims in that region.

China’s Global Times, a newspaper “under direct sponsorship from the Communist Party central authority,” expressed very warlike intent toward the smaller Asian nations in the region, but especially against Vietnam and the Philippines. This threat of war in that newspaper should be taken seriously because it was officially sanctioned by China’s top leadership. The report indicates China sees Vietnam as its greatest military threat in the region, and it is angry at the Philippines for forging closer ties with Japan. One can hardly blame the Philippines for seeking closer military ties with Japan, which has major military forces to assist the defense of smaller Asian nations if China launches an attack. China also recalls that when China invaded Vietnam about 30 years ago, it was repulsed by the Vietnamese army and its local militias (see second link and third link below). I’ll bet few Americans, who are taught little about world (or even their own) history, even realize that China invaded Vietnam after the USA lost its war in Vietnam.

China threatened to turn the South China Sea into “a sea of fire” if it attacks and its military burns the oil rigs of other nations now in the South China Sea. China scoffs at the likelihood that the USA would intervene in a South China Sea war as the USA has its forces thinly scattered all over the world in Asian conflicts already.

While we can all hope that China’s threat is mere bluster, it may not be. China has built an impressive array of new modern weaponry, and its military leaders, no doubt, are eager for a fight to test the capabilities of its new warplanes, ships and missiles under real combat conditions. Just as Nazi Germany wanted to test some of its new weaponry (and did so in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s) and as the Soviet Union regularly tested its new weaponry against American/western technology in several Mideast wars (with Arab nations acting as surrogates for the USSR), Chinese generals may quite logically want a smaller, preliminary war to test its new weaponry before it launches a larger war in the future against Taiwan or the USA itself.

One effect of China’s threatened war against Vietnam and the Philippines will be that those nations will be pushed into a closer alliance with Japan, India and other nations who are also threatened by China’s militarism. At the very least, this Chinese saber-rattling helps solidify the anti-Gog/Magog Asian alliance which is prophesied in Ezekiel 38:13 to come into existence in the latter days. Readers can see a much greater explanation of how Bible prophecy applies to modern Asian nations in my articles, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal About a Future World War III [PDF], and Japan’s Role in Bible Prophecy (both available at this website). Modern geopolitical actions are consistently and relentlessly confirming the accuracy of the Bible’s latter-day prophecies being fulfilled in our modern time.,29307,1879849,00.html