This post is to inform readers that China has conducted a test of its new hypersonic missile, which could tilt the balance of forces between the USA and China significantly in China’s favor if the USA does not perfect and deploy a hypersonic missile before China. According to these two links [1, 2], China, Russia, the USA and India are trying to develop and deploy such a strategic missile. China’s hypersonic missile is launched into space via an ICBM and then descends at an incredible speed toward its target on earth’s surface.

 Given China’s recent efforts to target US aircraft carriers for destruction via new supersonic cruise missiles, new ballistic missiles, etc., it is likely the primary targets of this hypersonic missile when it is deployed are the USA’s aircraft carriers, critical military bases like the one at Guam, etc. I wonder if the brain trust at the Pentagon is developing a defense against this hypersonic missile?

Two friends sent me these links and brought this item to my attention. The first link is a more establishment source while the second has more “attitude,” but they jointly address this new Chinese threat to the national security or the USA and many other nations.

I’ll close with this observation. When Hitler’s Nazi Germany was rapidly developing a wide variety of new weapons systems in the 1930s, Great Britain and the western allies were in denial about Germany’s determination to start a war and use those new weapons. Today, Communist China is rapidly developing a wide variety of new weapons systems and the USA and NATO seem to be in denial about China’s determination to use these new weapons in a future war. Japan, India, and other Asian nations are more awake to this urgent and growing danger. Ezekiel 38’s prophecy warns that Russia, China and Iran (with other allies) will launch a surprise attack upon the rest of the world at some point in the future…most likely when it is least expected. China’s military build-up is fulfilling biblical prophecy. Iran’s nuclear program and belligerency is as well. I’ll have more to say about the “agreement” between Iran and the USA and other western powers re: its nuclear program in a future post.