Steven Collins
April 7, 2008
Previous blogs at this site have documented and discussed the threats to US aircraft carriers posed by Chinese weaponry and tactics. A new Chinese threat has emerged which threatens all US military systems, not simply the US aircraft carriers. As usual, you should not expect to hear anything meaningful about his pressing threat from the establishment American media. The warning about this new Chinese threat was sounded by Bill Gertz, who writes the “Inside the Ring” column for the Washington Times. I read his warning in his column in the March 31, 2008 issue of the Washington Times National Weekly Edition. In a section entitled “GPS Threat,” Gertz writes that China’s successful anti-satellite test in January, 2007 is especially “alarming” because it demonstrates a Chinese ability to shoot down America’s Global Position System (GPS) satellites.
Gertz writes: “If China used its ground-based mobile ASAT missiles to destroy GPS satellites, it would cripple the ability of the US military to use some of its most important weapons, like satellite-guided precision missiles. Additionally, navigation of ground-, air- and sea-based forces would be almost completely halted.” USAF General Michael Hamel also is cited as telling reporters that “GPS also is vulnerable to electronic jamming.” Consider the ramifications of this threat.
US weapons systems are so dependent on GPS signals that losing them would severely cripple the entire US military. Gertz cites one US military official as saying “Shut down GPS and we’re basically left with throwing rocks.”
One wonders if ships at sea can even navigate without GPS assistance. Are naval officers still trained to use a sextant to plot a course heading and determine their position if GPS gets knocked out? How well will USAF planes be able to navigate and target enemy positions if there is no GPS system to guide their missiles and bombs? Would they be limited to dropping “dumb bombs” like in World War II? Will US cruise missiles be able to attack anything accurately if there is no GPS system to guide them? This also highlights another potential weakness in US aircraft carrier defenses that China is apparently planning to exploit. If the GPS system is taken out over an aircraft carrier battle group, how well will it Aegis defense system if there are no longer any GPS signals available to the components of the Aegis defense system in the fleet? Hopefully, the Aegis system can function on its own local radar systems, but these systems would not pick up missile threats until they are very close. The supersonic Russian sizzler missile would almost be upon a carrier by the time its local radar defenses located it.
The same column also noted that “China’s military is using ‘denial’ and ‘deception’ to mislead the United States and other governments about its military strategy and buildup…” The article cites China’s “ancient [military] writings” as a source for its modern plan to use deception to “defeat the United States in a conflict.” Those ancient writings are likely to be from the Art of War, authored by a brilliant ancient Chinese strategist named Sun Tzu. China is clearly planning to negate the USA’s modern  weaponry by using asymmetrical warfare techniques which negate the USA’s high-tech weaponry by unconventional and unexpected actions. China is known to be hacking US military and strategic computers on an on-going basis. China’s ultimate goal may be to implant a virus into the US military command and control systems which would instruct US weaponry to “shut down” during a conflict with China. Obviously, US war planners must quickly adapt to these new Chinese threats and develop new defensive weapons and strategies to counter Chinese war plans.
It is time that US political leaders wake up to the imminent and growing military threat posed by China. It may become the biggest problem facing the new US President who will be elected to a four-year term this November. However, not one of the candidates is talking about it. Do they even grasp the threat? Kudos to Bill Gertz for sounding the alarm about China’s war plans against the USA and the western world. However, is anyone listening or paying attention in Washington, DC?
It is ever-more evident that Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about a Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack in the latter days against the nations of the house of “Israel” (the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel) is being shaped by a Creator God for fulfillment. Russian-Chinese-Iranian efforts are proceeding so quickly that one wonders how much time is left in our age before this attack occurs. God can speed up or slow down geopolitical events as it pleases him, but events are currently accelerating toward that fulfillment. New readers of this blog can see, in detail, how Ezekiel 38’s prophecy will be fulfilled in the author’s article at the “Articles” link at this website. It is entitled “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.” Modern events continue to increasingly validate the contents of that article.