The link below, from The Wall Street Journal, reports that China has not only overtaken the USA in supercomputer technology, but it has significantly surpassed it! In a field that the USA used to dominate, China has built a supercomputer that is 40% faster than the fastest-known American supercomputer. The new Chinese supercomputer can make “a thousand trillion operations per second.” This number is utterly beyond human comprehension.

The article also notes that the Chinese supercomputer will allow “open access,” which means other nations can access the computer to perform large-scale operations on it. Given the gargantuan power of the new Chinese supercomputer, I’ll be surprised if it does not have a stealth feature which will monitor all the foreign programs which are run on it and that it will report any operation of security or intelligence usefulness to its Chinese masters.

That China now has the world’s most powerful supercomputer has obvious national security implications for the USA and the West, a point very briefly mentioned in the link below. Undoubtedly, this supercomputer will be used to develop every conceivable military advantage which China can imagine.  Of course, given the immense amount of money that has been poured into “black” projects by DARPA and other American agencies too secret to be mentioned, it is possible that the USA also has a supercomputer as powerful as China’s and simply isn’t talking about it.

This development reminds me of two scriptures. Daniel 12:4 prophesied that “knowledge shall be increased” in the latter days just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. The Hebrew word translated “increased” actually means an exponential increase. The same Hebrew word is used in Genesis 7:17 to describe how vastly the waters “increased” on the earth during the Deluge in Noah’s time. That is how vastly knowledge will be increased on the earth in the latter days of this current age. This prophecy is being fulfilled in front of our eyes on a routine basis. The second scripture is Genesis 11:6, which affirmed that during the time of the tower of Babel project, mankind had reached a tipping point where it was accumulating so much knowledge that God Himself observed that “this they begin to do, now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” Mankind is likely reaching a similar tipping point in our modern era, as evidenced by the powerful Chinese supercomputer and many other examples of modern high-tech developments. Who knows what things are being “imagined” now in secret labs that the general public is not allowed to visit or know about. Even as the tower of Babel project triggered God’s Divine intervention in mankind’s affairs, so will modern mankind’s knowledge explosion. Modern mankind will be on the verge of exterminating itself with its secret projects when Jesus Christ intervenes to save mankind and put a stop to the era of mankind’s self-government (Matthew 24:21-22, Revelation 20:4).