Chinese SpyingMarch 11, 2009
Steve Collins

The title is hard to believe isn’t it? An article by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times Weekly Edition (2-23-09 issue) reported that “Two Senior US Counterintelligence officials have left positions inside the agency that coordinates America’s efforts to root out foreign spies…”  One of the removed top officials “removed most of the staff who had worked under the previous director, Michelle Van Cleave.” This article (see first link below) cites Miss. Van Cleave as stating: “The Chinese stole the design secrets to all–repeat–all US nuclear weapons, enabling them to leapfrog generations of technology development and put our nuclear arsenal, the country’s last line of defense, at risk.” Think about the implications of that for a moment. The Chinese stole ALL of the USA’s nuclear bomb design secrets. Not only does that allow China to make ultra-modern nuclear weapons right now, but it also enables the Chinese to try and design electronic or technological countermeasures to prevent the USA’s nuclear bombs from working if they are used in warfare!

Miss Van Cleave adds that “To this day, we don’t know quite when or how they did it, but we do know that Chinese intelligence operatives are…systematically targeting not only America’s defense secrets but our industries’ valuable proprietary information.” I don’t claim to be Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes, but let’s see if we can come up with some wild guesses as to how China could have stole such secrets.

The second link below reports that “63 computers are missing” from the US Nuclear Weapons Research Lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico. 16 computers were reported stolen just “in the last 12 months” and three were “stolen” from the home of just one employee!  Do you think maybe there were some “nuclear secrets” on all the stolen and missing computers from the US Lab involved with the nuclear weapons of the USA? Indeed, this is just the extent of the reported losses. One wonders how much information was simply “copied” by Chinese agents from files in such places as Los Alamos. You think this is bad? The third link reports the US State Department has “lost” up to 1,000 laptops, which had an unknown amount of classified national security information on them. How about the FBI, where security should be ultra-tight? The fourth link indicates that the FBI knows of 160 missing or stolen laptops just in the 2002-2005 time frame. One wonders how many 1,000s of laptops with sensitive information have been stolen from the US government in the last decade? I wonder how many have gone missing from the Pentagon?

Again, I’m not Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes, but I wonder how many of those stolen and “missing” US laptops with classified information are now safely on file in the offices of intelligence agencies in Communist China? China has obviously been one of the main beneficiaries of all this stolen information, after all. Every US employee who loses a laptop with classified information on it ought to be fired and forfeit all retirement money…at the very least. They ought to be grilled extensively to determine if they are traitors, Chinese agents, incompetent, etc. I wonder how many of the legions of US government employees who have been “losing” US laptop computers now have secret bank accounts in foreign banks stuffed with payments from Chinese handlers? I know one Being who knows the identity of every traitor who gave classified information to the Chinese. God knows, literally. Whenever these unknown “Benedict Arnolds” face their Maker in the Judgment, they are really, really going to wish they were never born. For the time being, however, they are likely being promoted to higher positions within the US government.

[Flash update: The fifth link below reports the number of missing laptops from the US Nuclear Weapons Lab in Los Alamos has now risen to 80 computers. That place must really be a security sieve!]

I hope that you are sitting down for the next bit of information. The sixth link below reports that the Department of Defense and the US agency responsible for the manufacture and upkeep of the nation’s nuclear weapons “forgot how to make parts” necessary to upgrade the USA’s nuclear weaponry. It took a long time for them to figure out how to upgrade the nation’s nuclear weapons. Sigh. I think they could have saved a lot of time by simply contacting the Communist Chinese Government and asking them for the information. Apparently, China now has far better information on “all” the USA’s nuclear weapons technology that does the USA! Since this critical information couldn’t be “found” by the US Agency responsible for maintaining that information I wonder if Chinese agents, adding insult to injury, erased the original American files at the time they stole the information.

It would seem that there has been no adult supervision in Washington, DC for many, many years.

However, Obama will save us, right? Think again. The last two links indicate that China will have just as easy a time with the Obama administration as it did with the Clinton and Bush administrations. Maybe easier! The seventh link reports extensively on the appointment of Charles Freeman Jr. to be the Chairman of the USA’s National Intelligence Council in the Obama administration. The article details that in addition to having exceptionally cozy relationships with the Saudi government, Mr. Freeman is also very cozy with China and even served on the Board of International Advisors for the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corp. that tried to buy out Us oil company, Unocal, not long ago.Mr. Freeman also speaks “Mandarin Chinese better than almost anyone else in the Foreign Service.” That gives him something in common with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who also is fluent in Chinese. Mr. Freeman has been very close to the Chinese Government and was still appointed to oversee the intelligence appraisals about China and its intentions toward the USA? The front cover of the Washington Times Weekly Edition shows Mr. Freeman shaking hands with Hu Jintao, the President of the Communist Chinese government. A late report indicates that Mr. Freeman’s nomination has been withdrawn, apparently due to his anti-Israeli backgrounds and comments. Three cheers for AIPAC!

Finally, the last link is from Michelle Malkin, who discusses the connections between President Obama’s third pick to be Sec. of Commerce, former-Governor Gary Locke, and John Huang, who was involved in the Clinton-era “Chinagate” scandal.

Communist China likely thinks that its plan to “take down” the USA without having to fire a shot is proceeding on-schedule and perhaps quicker than they could have imagined possible. What we are seeing, dear readers, is not a minor crisis in American history. We are watching how an empire decays and withers. In this case, the American Empire of the last half-century. However, Ezekiel 38’s prophecy foretells that China’s plan to take down and subjugate the USA without having to fire a shot will fail. That prophecy confirms Russia, China, Iran and their allies will have to launch a global war of invasion against the USA and the nations of the modern western world to implement their plans. Their plans for global domination are unfolding rapidly. The governments of the western world, their people and media, seem oblivious to the obvious danger.

The Apostle Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1 that there would be “perilous time” in the latter days. He was right. We’re living in them now.,2933,507305,00.html