Readers of this blog are familiar with China’s agenda to supplant the USA as the world’s global power. China’s power and influence over American policies is growing steadily more powerful. It will eventually become a stranglehold if America’s leaders do not “wake up” soon. All of this fits the Ezekiel 38 scenario perfectly.

When Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were running against each other for the Democratic nomination for President, they proclaimed they would get “tough on China” for its currency manipulation, its massive pollution, its suppression of Tibet and human rights policies, etc. Now that Obama is President and Clinton is Secretary of State, reality has sunk in to both of them. Both Obama and Clinton must approach China as the supplicants that they really are. China is in the “driver’s seat” because they are America’s banker and the USA needs larger tidal waves of foreign money into the US Treasury to fund America’s historic economic profligacy.

The first link below asserts that the USA now owes “more than $1 trillion” to Chinese lenders. However, given the USA’s lowering of yields on US Treasury debt, American debt is obviously less attractive to Chinese lenders. China’s past “voracious” appetite for US debt is now waning, and the article concludes with the observation that China’s investments in the USA are “not purely an investment decision” but are “political” as well.  How true! China has been buying massive amounts of US debt because China wishes to gain a maximum amount of political/economic leverage and control over the US government and economy. In gaining massive influence over the USA’s government and economy and by enticing America’s industrial capacity to China, China has been waging war against the USA by non-military means. In previous blogs, I have cited quotes from the book Unrestricted Warfare, which features an English-language translation of documents authored in 1999 by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui of the Chinese army. This book cites evidence that Communist China’s intention was to wage war against the USA by unconventional economic/monetary means and other unconventional manners in order to weaken the USA to the point of collapse. Thanks to the stunning foolishness, arrogance and gullibility of America’s leaders in Washington DC and Wall Street, the Chinese plan is working very well.

The second link below reports that Sec. of State Clinton essentially was in China to beg for more Chinese loans to feed the insatiable appetite of the Obama administration for more bailouts for Wall Street, the banks, lenders of home loans, etc. Gone was Clinton’s bellicose language from the campaign trail. The visit was wrapped in diplomatic language, but Clinton was there to beg for money, plain and simple. Divisive issues were downplayed and Clinton “continued to steer clear of speaking on contentious human rights issues.” Clinton (and Obama) are learning that borrowers do not lecture to their lenders. The economic law of Proverbs 22:7 works in China’s favor and to the detriment of the USA. As America goes more “in hock” to China, America’s political/economic subservience to China will grow ever-stronger. The USA is steadily losing its sovereignty to Communist China as a result of the reckless spending and borrowing of American Presidents and Congresses of both political parties.

The third link reports that Chinese authorities are demanding actions from the USA (its deadbeat debtor) to ensure that “reckless policies” in Washington, DC do not erode the value of Chinese dollar-based investments. It also indicates that China is ready to “diversify its reserves away from US Treasuries.” This is a threat to “dump the dollar” unless the USA kowtows to various Chinese demands (which will surely not be made public to the hoodwinked American people). One demand is that the USA control inflation so China’s investments are not “eroded.” China can see that the USA Government is adopting “banana republic” financing which always leads to runaway inflation, so it is acting as any concerned banker would toward an undependable borrower. Since the monetary/economic policies of the USA are now wildly inflationary, one way to satisfy China’s demand to “fight inflation” is to make sure the official CPI statistics do not report the true rate of inflation. According to one website ( which has long tracked this issue, the US government has, for years, been “fighting inflation” by refusing to tell the truth about the real rate of inflation! The link also notes that US Treasury Secretary Geithner’s comment that China is manipulating its currency (quite true, of course) “will not be tolerated.” America’s leaders are losing their freedom to even speak the truth about China’s hostile intentions and actions because China has the power to economically devastate the USA. American leaders have reasons to be afraid. The fourth link reported that, as early as last year, China was already considering moving some of its massive foreign-exchange reserves from the US dollar to gold. This may already be happening.

Some internet speculation indicates that it is only a matter of time until Russia, China, Arab Gulf States and other nations implement new currencies at least partially backed by gold, precious metals, oil and/or a basket of commodities.  If partially gold-backed currencies emerge, the US dollar could quickly lose its reserve currency status and it could plummet in value more than Americans can possibly realize. The USA could be plunged into an impoverished state by such actions. Galatians  6:7 warns that “God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” Hosea  8:7 is found within a prophecy warning the house of Israel (the ten tribes) that it will be punished for forgetting God and serving idols. [Given that the USA is the leading nation of the modern ten tribes of Israel, this prophecy is timely for today.] It warns that the Israelites had “sown the wind” and would “reap the whirlwind” for their national sins. Even as people cannot mock God and not “reap what they sow” in punishments, the same is true of nations. The USA has mocked God for a long time, and it is beginning to “reap the whirlwind.” The frenzied mega-bailouts concocted in Washington, DC are being implemented because the US Government, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Board, corporate CEO’s, etc. desperately are trying to find a way to avoid “reaping what they sowed.” They will not succeed. Their governmental-corporate system of global greed called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18 is prophesied to collapse in the latter-days. I do not know when this collapse will come, but because God always keeps his prophecies and challenged humans to see his ability to do so as a proof of his reality (Isaiah 41:21-26), the collapse will come. As each month goes by with greater economic woes being reported, it appears that we may be approaching that prophesied point in time.

I want to close by addressing an important issue about which some readers have emailed me various links. There are reports on the internet that China has demanded that the US government pledge the physical properties of the USA’s physical assets (factories, business and residential properties, etc.) as collateral to back Chinese investments in the USA, and that China be given the right of eminent domain to seize whatever American assets it chooses to satisfy the USA’s debt obligations to China in the event of an actual default by the USA or a de-facto default via runaway inflation. One internet report claims the Obama administration gave that power to China during Hilary Clinton’s recent visit. I do not know if this report is true, but it would certainly be a logical action that any lender would demand from a reckless borrower. I chose not to post the link because the site has a reputation for sensationalism and is reported to be anti-Semitic. But I will address this possibility in light of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy.

If China had been given any such right of eminent domain over America’s private properties, it has no way of “foreclosing.” I can’t imagine any of the 50 Governors or any County Sheriff that would enforce such orders. It would destroy the finances of every state and local government because an impoverished people could not pay property taxes, sales taxes, etc. A link posted in a recent item at my “Prophecy Blog” reported that over 11 states have now taken actions to assert their Constitutional 10th Amendment rights against unconstitutional actions by the federal government (see fifth link below). If China tried to “foreclose,” what do you think would be the reactions of millions of infuriated American business- and home-owners armed to the teeth with rifles, shotguns and pistols? I suspect State Governors would muster their National Guards to prevent any such foreclosures. If the US government tried to enforce China’s foreclosure demands, I believe even US troops would rebel (as they also want to return to civilian life someday and would realize that permanent poverty stares them in the face if they enforce any such orders).

Ezekiel 38 predicts many nations, led by Russia, China and Iran, will militarily invade the nations of the latter-day house of “Israel” (the ten tribes of Israel) to seize their physical assets (see verses 11-13). This prophecy precludes an outcome wherein these nations take the assets of North America, Europe and Australia without armed opposition. It will take a world war to accomplish it. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that such a world war is guaranteed to occur. When it occurs, God calls on the Israelite nations being invaded to use their weapons against the invaders (Ezekiel 38:20) and, at some point, God enters the battle on the side of the Israelite nations and this age will come to an end. The era of human self-rule on this planet will end. The Elohim who created mankind (Genesis 1:26-28) in their own image will Divinely rule all nations for 1,000 years and teach them how life should be lived for everyone’s well-being. You can read about the real “New Age” which is coming in Revelation 21:1-4, Zechariah 12 and 14, Micah 4 and many other prophecies. It’s going to happen. No power in heaven or earth can stop it from occurring.

The worsening global economic/financial crisis which includes the unpayable debt which the USA owes to China (and other world creditors) may be revealing one of the motives for the Gog-Magog attack against the USA, UK, Europe, etc. The Ezekiel 38 attack may be, at least in part, a foreclosure raid against a western world which eventually reneges on its debts after it finally wakes up to the fact that the easy Chinese money-lending policy was actually an act of war.