Several alert readers have sent me a link which is a very important one to pass on to all readers. With minimal fanfare, China has launched a strategic trade war against much of the world. After putting most of the world’s rare-earth mining operations out of business via having Chinese mining operations undercut previous world prices for years, China has now “lowered the boom” on other nations. Now that it has obtained a near-monopoly on the production of these vital items, China is now refusing to ship many critically-important strategic items to other nations. These include critical rare metals used in making such strategic items as lasers, smart bombs, etc.

China states that its refusal to ship these rare metals is due to its sudden concern for the environment. Anyone who believes this statement is also likely shopping for ocean-side land in Nebraska. China clearly had a long-term national policy to drive the rest of the world’s rare-earth mining operations out of business via predatory pricing. That policy succeeded and now China is using its control of strategic metals to either deprive the West of these vital items or compel the West to make concessions to obtain any of China’s supplies of these metals. Either way, the West loses. Western corporations who thought they were getting a good deal by buying rare metals at cheap prices from China for years are now suddenly without a supply of these vital items, and the link below states it may take many years for the West to restart its rare-earth metals production. The American corporations and the American policy makers who allowed America and its globalist businesses to become so dependent on Chinese goodwill are now realizing the Chinese dragon has manipulated the greed of globalist corporations to lure the West into a strategic trap.

Despite “angry complaints” from around the world, including a formal protest by Japan’s Foreign Minister, China has said that “it will not back down” on its new policy, which is tantamount to a declaration of a trade war against the West. Japan apparently at least saw this Chinese “double-cross” coming as it “has been stockpiling” these rare metals. I would not be surprised if the endlessly-gullible governmental and corporate leaders of the rest of the West were so completely duped by the blandishments of their Chinese suppliers that they have not been stockpiling anything. The Chinese refusal to sell these rare metals to the rest of the world also means the production of such consumer products as plasma TVs, iPads, BlackBerrys, wind turbines and hybrid engines is now endangered. Have you heard anything about this critically-important development yet on the mainstream media?

While not emphasized in the link below, the military implications of this Chinese domination of strategic metals is glaringly obvious. The production of many western military weaponry is jeopardized by the Chinese refusal to ship these rare metals to the West. Previous blogs have discussed the “secret” invisibility projects of the USA, UK and other western nations. There are, no doubt, other secret “black projects” which are now at risk of shutting down due to China’s action. This Chinese action, if continued, will place the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 in a position of tremendous advantage over the USA, NATO and their allies. Russia and Iran, allies of China in the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance will likely get all the rare metals they need as these nations build up their militaries to launch their surprise attack against the West in a future year. It makes perfect sense for China to cut off strategic metals to the nations that it intends to attack in the future. From the strategic viewpoint of the Gog-Magog alliance, this cut-off of rare metals is a very logical step to take as they prepare for the new world war which Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies is certain to occur. Western strategic planners can give up any hope of reversing China’s direction. God has “hardened the hearts” of Russia, China and Iran into eventually attacking the nations of the modern tribes of Israel (and all their allies) in NATO and the western alliance so this event will occur (my books, audio messages and my home page article on The USA in Prophecy all make these identifications easy to see). Ezekiel 38:10 prophesies this attack will begin at exactly the moment that God puts it into their hearts to launch it. The only thing the West can do is face reality and reopen its rare metals mines, reindustrialize the manufacturing capacity of the West (which would also jump-start the western economies) and make military preparations to meet this future attack.

China (and Russia) know what they are doing and they are implementing a war plan which I believe was conceived long ago to dupe and weaken the West militarily, economically and monetarily. Personally, I think this plan was conceived just before the “arranged” fall of the USSR to deceive the West into thinking there was no longer a threat from Russia and China. As this (and many previous) blogs have documented, the threat from Russia and China has never been greater than it is today. Russia and China have expertly maneuvered the Western nations into the position of great weakness which is exactly what they had planned for them. The Western world’s leaders and “wise men” still are so blind to the growing danger now facing them that I fear their heads are firmly placed in a location where the sun never shines.

If any readers have not yet read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III, I strongly urge you to do so soon. This prophecy has been so accurate in prophesying what has come to pass thus far in our modern world that it can only be because the Creator God who made everything we see (and everything we don’t see) is guiding world events to make sure his prophecies are fulfilled. He said in Isaiah 41:21-26 that he would do so and he challenges false gods and readers of that prophecy to watch his ability to fulfill biblical prophecies as proof of his reality and sovereignty. Since Ezekiel 38-39 has been “right on target” to date, you might as well read the aforementioned article to see how the future will unfold so you can know what will occur in our future. Our future has a very good ending to read about, but things are going to get very, very bad before God steps in to impose his prophesied positive climax to our current age.