China has been very clever for many years in pursuing a plan to gain leverage and control over the economies of the world. China has pursued a long-term plan with at least three aspects to it. First, China took advantage of the insatiable greed of Wall Street and global corporations to lure the manufacturing capacity of many western nations to relocate to China so China would have effective control over the manufacturing facilities of its eventual enemies. By shutting down much of the manufacturing capacity of the USA and the western nations, China has ensured that the western nations will have a very limited capacity to make new weaponry when a future war breaks out. Very clever!

Secondly, China embarked on a deliberate policy of lending endless sums of money to the US by buying US Treasuries and US Agency debt to position itself as the major creditor of the USA, seen by China as its main target to undermine before China could seek global hegemony. As the USA’s main creditor, China has gained tremendous leverage over not only the American economy, but its political decisions as well. Very clever!

Thirdly, China very cannily identified the fact that rare earth minerals were the key components in the production of many high-tech consumer goods and high-tech and military weaponry. China duped the western nations into becoming reliant on Chinese suppliers of rare-earths who drove the western suppliers of these rare earth minerals out of business by predatory pricing by the Chinese suppliers. As the first two links below [1, 2]¬†affirm, this Chinese strategy has been incredibly successful. Now that the western nations are dependent on Chinese suppliers, China is vastly increasing the prices for these strategic minerals and also limiting exports of them to the West. The USA and other nations who are China’s natural rivals now have become dependent on China for the rare earth minerals to make their weaponry to defend against the future attack by Russia, China, Iran and their allies which is prophesied by Ezekiel 38-39 to be inevitable. China has made its future targeted nations dependent on China to even be able to manufacture many classes of vital weaponry. Very clever!

As the first link notes, “precision-guided weaponry” is one class of weaponry which needs rare earth minerals. The Obama administration is not only expending or wearing out many types of vital US weaponry in Afghanistan, it is now also using up the US inventory of cruise missiles (“precision-guided weaponry”) by intervening in the Libyan Civil War on the side of the rebels who, according to several news sources, have ties to Al Queda (see last two links below [3, 4]). So let me get this straight. Obama ramped up the Afghan War to supposedly make war on Al Queda, but Obama is now intervening on the side of the Libyan rebels, making Obama an indirect ally of Al Queda? Forgive me if I can’t make any sense of his policy.

How certain is it that the US military will be able to obtain new stocks of rare earth minerals to build new cruise missiles to replace the ones expended in Libya without any approval or vote in Congress of this military action? Russia and China surprised some people by not vetoing the UN resolution to authorize military action in Libya. However, this served Russia and China’s future goals very well! It was one more way to dupe the USA into depleting its military war stocks which will be needed someday in the future Ezekiel 38-39 war. China has been very clever indeed!

Obviously, it is absolutely vital to devote an all-out effort to reopening all US mines which extracted rare earth minerals form the earth. This is critical for US national security interests! Is Congress smart enough to make this happen as a top national priority? I wouldn’t bet on it. While the USA and much of the western world dithers, China smiles as its plans for global hegemony are advancing very well.

I think it is very appropriate to post this information on “April Fools Day” as China has made complete “fools” out of the USA and its western allies for years. What is most distressing is that the leaders of the western world seem cluelessly unaware of what has happened.