In a move which has “shaken the aviation industry,” China apparently has already flown its new J-20 stealth fighter airplane in what is called a “big step forward for the Chinese air force.” The “experts” in the aviation industry hadn’t expected China to be able to fly such an advanced aircraft for another decade! Since Russia is also flying a T-50 stealth prototype, the first link asks: “Is this the end of the US dominance of the air?” Ominously, this development indicates China is developing its military power far more rapidly than the deceived US “experts” thought possible. Even more ominous is the fact that President Obama and his military “braintrust” cancelled the American F-22  warplane (the most advanced warplane in the world) on the basis of the flawed estimate that the Chinese J-20 airplane would not be ready for another ten years. Some think that the Chinese are pretending to have the J-20 ready for operational status, but given China’s almost limitless financial resources to build anything it wants, I’ll bet the F-20 is becoming operational.

Some readers will recall that the Obama administration cancelled the already in-production F-22 to wait for a later production run of the less-capable (but cheaper) F-35. However, cost overruns and delays on the F-35 airplane make one wonder if the F-35 will ever be built at all. Given the cost overruns on the F-35, it is now evident that the Obama administration made a colossal blunder in cancelling the F-22 warplane. They cancelled the F-22 warplane on a major underestimatation of China’s ability to launch their own advanced warplane and a very erroneous concept of what the F-35 will eventually cost. It now seems evident that the only wise choice would be to restart production of the  F-22 which is not only a more capable warplane than the F-35, but the F-22 will also likely prove cheaper in the long run because it is already in production while the F-35 is bogged down in cost-overruns and production delays. The second link below documents the problems besetting the F-35 program and the fact that it has already failed in its original mission to be a cheaper fighter to build and maintain than the warplanes it was designed to replace.

This situation reminds me of an event in the administration of President Jimmy Carter. In a colossal blunder, he cancelled the B-1 bomber program, but, thankfully, the American voters hurled Carter out of office after one term and replaced him with the much more capable and realistic Ronald Regan, who quickly restarted the B-1 bomber program so the American Air Force would not be left without a modern bomber in its fleet. Hopefully, Obama and his military decision-makers will have the sense to restart the F-22 production line and cancel the F-35 warplane, now that it is evident that the Chinese are bringing into production a warplane to rival the F-22 ten years ahead of expectations.

The third link reports that an American admiral has stated that China “had achieved ‘initial operational capability'” of its ballistic missile specifically designed to sink all US aircraft carriers in World War III. This Chinese missile was built to hit moving US aircraft carriers “with pinpoint precision,” and previous posts at this website have warned about this new Chinese missile’s ability to sink US carriers. The link states soothingly that “Years of tests are probably still needed before the [new Chinese] missile can be fully deployed (emphasis added).” Note that word “probably,” which means that this assessment is just a guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if this rosy assessment originated with the same intellectual drones who thought China couldn’t fly its J-20 stealth fighter for another decade.

Two things are clear: (A) China is proceeding at breakneck speed to develop a military force which can defeat the United States in a future global war, and (B) the Obama administration “doesn’t get it.”  Americans better hope someone in the White House and Congress gets their head out of the sand and faces facts before it is too late.

Unfortunately, the key “latter day” prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 strongly infers that the USA and the West will not grasp the extreme danger they face until World War III begins with a surprise attack by Russia, China, Iran and all their global allies against the USA, NATO and all their global allies. Ezekiel 38:10-12 describe a “Pearl Harbor-type” surprise attack that takes the target nations completely unawares. The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible states in verse 11 that the target nations are dwelling “safely,” but the Hebrew word “betach” translated “safely” in Ezekiel 38:11 can also be translated “carelessly.” Indeed, the Hebrew word “betach” is translated “carelessly” in this very same prophecy in Ezekiel 39:6. I Thessalonians 5:3 also prophesies that a “sudden destruction” will occur at the end of our age when people mistakenly think they dwell in “peace and safety.” Ezekiel 38-39 and I Thessalonians 5:3 both describe events at the end of our “latter day” period of time. I think it is evident that the “sudden destruction” that befalls a complacent mankind at the end of our age is the Gog-Magog attack of Ezekiel 38-39.

China (as well as Russia and Iran) are rapidly preparing for war against the USA and the West. The USA and the West are under a “strong delusion” that they are not in dire danger. If you want a detailed biblical perspective on how World War III will begin, unfold and end, I invite you to read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. God has much to say in biblical prophecies about the roles and fates of modern nations in the age-ending Gog-Magog war.