The first link below is from an “Inside the Ring” article by Bill Gertz in the September 21, 2009 National Weekly issue of the Washington Times. It reports that China and North Korea have been helping Iran’s missile development programs “at all phases of production and flight testing,” and that “internal Iranian memos” reveal that Russia’s support includes “images of engines and turbopumps that are obviously of Russian origin–either their actual production or at very least their designs.” Mr. Gertz further asserts that “Chinese backing for Iran’s missile program has been known to US intelligence agencies since the 1990s.” This should hardly be a surprise since Ezekiel 38 prophesied all these nations will be part of an anti-American, anti-western alliance in the “latter days” of our age.

Let’s think about this report a moment. Iran is now able, by many reports, to be on the very verge of having nuclear weapons and is developing the missiles to fire them at Israel, Europe, etc. US intelligence agencies have also known about China’s ulterior actions in helping Iran develop its missile programs since “the 1990s,” but American corporations have been allowed to gullibly keep moving their production facilities to China during this entire time? Isn’t there a national security problem with sending America’s manufacturing base to China while China has been simultaneously acting as a military enemy toward the western nations for a long time? Is someone putting the proverbial “stupid pills” in the water supplies in New York, Washington, DC and wherever else corporate and governmental policy decisions are made?  American politicians and corporate bosses have foolishly become dependent on China to manufacture their goods and loan them huge sums of money. Proverbs 21:7 affirms that borrowers become servants to lenders. The USA is the borrower and China is the lender. Foolish decisions “at the top” are responsible for America steadily losing control over its own destiny.

One can hardly blame the Chinese. They have been smart, and they figured out how to use capitalism’s “rules of the game” to their own advantage. They realized that if they could get America and American businesses “on the hook” to China via excessive debts and a clever enticement of America’s manufacturing base to China, China would gain great leverage and control over the US government and US corporations. Their plan worked. Wall Street’s greed for short-term profits led them to make decisions which are almost suicidal for the USA and for American corporations in the long-term. China was playing a long-term game, so they have been winning. China has been on the right side of the immutable Proverbs 22:7 law, so it has gained vast leverage over its American debtors.

China’s leverage over the USA may be complicating America’s ability to do anything to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons. For example, could China be telling American leaders in back rooms that it will collapse the “reserve currency” status of the US dollar on world markets if the USA strikes at Iran? That would explain the endless dithering by both the Bush and Obama administrations. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that if the USA does nothing, the Israelis will act on their own. The Israelis have no choice if they want to survive because Iran has stated its intention to “wipe Israel off the map.” Because Iran is likely to strike at American warships and targets if the Israelis attack Iran, the USA may have to help with a strike on Iran whether it wants to do so or not. That brings us back to the Russian and Chinese help for Iran’s missile program.

Iran seems to almost want to be attacked by the USA, the Israelis or the West. This may be due to the bizarre Shiite Messianist concepts of Iran’s leaders. However, it also may be that China and Russia have helped Iran’s missile programs more than anyone wants to really accept. Various previous blogs have reported that Russia has developed and deployed a supersonic cruise missile called the “sizzler.” Both Russia and China have already deployed the sizzler missile in their fleets and missile forces. One link I cited in a previous blog reported that the sizzler cruise missiles may already have been given to Iran as well. If so, Iran, Russia and China may all be eager for an American/Israeli attack vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities because they want Iran to have an excuse to fire salvos of sizzler cruise missiles at US naval ships in the Persian Gulf. If American intelligence agencies know where these sizzler missiles are based on Iran’s side of the Persian Gulf, they better tell the US military because those sizzler bases need to be destroyed in the opening act of any strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities.

If Iran has sizzler missiles and sinks US warships with them in any pending military action, the Obama administration might “sink” with those ships. The second link below is a Paul Greenberg column which was reprinted in my home-town newspaper and I’m passing it on to all readers. It details various “appeasement ” policies of the Obama administration, and warns of the dangers in pursuing an appeasement policy. Beside the appeasement policies listed in the second link, Obama has also cancelled the F-22 fighter airplane for the US Air Force, curtsied to the Saudi king, wants to eliminate much of the US nuclear arsenal, etc. If the US military takes, God forbid, heavy casualties in an Iranian war because Russia and China had given Iran much better missiles than the USA expected, the Obama administration will likely get hurled out of office after one term even as the Carter administration was hurled out of office after one term because of its weak policies toward Iran. This Iran crisis is not going away. We seem to be approaching “crunch time.”

One last thought. If I were a military or intelligence analyst anywhere in the world, I’d carefully watch US naval deployments in the Persian Gulf. Any indication that the USA is moving its warships out of the Persian Gulf just before a strike with Iran occurs would be a tacit admission on the part of the USA that Iran has sizzler missiles and US warships can’t defend themselves against that missile. If that happens, we have much bigger problems than Iran to worry about. If the US warships stay in the Persian Gulf, it implies that (A) the USA does not think Iran has sizzler missiles, (B) the US Navy has a defense against the sizzler missiles or (C) they think US warplanes will destroy the sizzler launch sites before those missiles can be launched vs. US ships. We may not have long to find out the answer.