Although it is well-known that the USA has stationed significant numbers of US troops in South Korea ever since the Korean War ceased with an armistice, it is not generally known that China has recently moved troops, tanks and armored vehicles into North Korea as well (see first link from the Australian media). The Chinese army forces have moved into North Korea “to guard port facilities China has invested in.” Obviously, China has moved its army into North Korea to deter an attack against North Korean infrastructures by American or South Korean military forces. Chinese warplanes are always only minutes away from North Korea from Chinese air bases in Manchuria.

Given that military tensions have gotten much higher in recent months due to two North Korean acts of war against South Korea (sinking a South Korean warship and shelling a South Korean civilian island), the chance of full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula is now a very real possibility. South Korea has threatened “massive retaliation” against North Korea if North Korean perpetrates another act of war (see second link below from a New Zealand source). South Korea passively submitted to the first two acts of war most likely due to pressure from the USA to adopt an appeasement policy, but its government will likely collapse if it doesn’t respond with massive force to any future North Korean aggression.

When North and South Korea fought in 1950-53, American and Chinese forces fought each other on opposite sides of that conflict. We now have American and Chinese forces stationed in South and North Korea at a time when North Korea has been acting as if it wants to provoke a full-scale war. China can surge many forces into North Korea very rapidly, and any war on the Korean Peninsula would likely see American and Japanese forces fighting on the side of South Korea. Add this situation to the list of “wars and rumors of wars” prophesied in Matthew 24:6 to occur in the latter days.

There is an ominous side-bar to this story. A media outlet in India (see third link) has released a story that China has declared that it will consider using nuclear weapons “first” in a conventional war. Since a conventional war is possible in either the Korean Peninsula or in a war with Taiwan, this is an ominous declaration, and represents a departure from previous stated Chinese war policies.

Notice that all these stories are from foreign media sources. Did you see any of the above in the American establishment media?