Steven Collins
September, 8, 2007
A reader sent me this item with a very disturbing, but hardly surprising, item about Chinese war preparations. The newsmax story states that China has a youth program “cloaked in secrecy” which is training 50,000,000 Chinese youth to prepare for warfare against the USA. The youth militarization program is “compulsory” and is run by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
The article states that “Young people in the camps are taught self-defense and study advanced weaponry, including American Black Hawk helicopters and aircraft carriers.” The fact that Chinese youth are being trained to recognize (and fight against) US weapon systems make it very clear that Communist China is training vast numbers of its youth to already see the USA as China’s enemy. This youth militarization program has a clear parallel to the “Hitler Youth,” a Nazi program for militarizing German youth before the start of World War II. Just as Hitler’s program to militarize German youth was a prelude to a war, this similar program in Communist China is a prelude to a new World War. The western world better rouse itself out of its dangerous slumber concerning this reality…before it is too late.
Almost all the western media is either too asleep to report this striking development or it is too terrified to tell the American and western peoples the truth. Besides newsmax, USA Today also covered the story. The newsmax report indicates that a camera belonging to a USA Today reporter was “confiscated” so he could not show the world what is happening in Communist China’s mass youth militarization program. I urge you to read the link below for the full story, which also lists many other pieces of evidence that China is on a course to wage war against the USA and the West.
The Creator God who authored the Bible foretold many details about today’s geopolitics in ancient biblical prophecies about a time called “the latter days” which would immediately precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Ezekiel 38-39 give many details about how the final World War of our age will begin and unfold. It foretells that Russia, China and Iran will lead an alliance which will attack the nations of the people who are descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel (who were not and never have been Jews). The modern Jews are referred to as “Judah” in biblical prophecies. The migrations of the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel can easily be traced to the nation’s of the modern western world, primarily those in or affiliated with NATO. China’s now-obvious preparations for war against the USA and the West confirm that only a Divine Creator could have foreseen our modern events with such striking accuracy! If you have any doubts that we are living in the biblical “latter days,” please read my article on the subject in the “Articles” link at this website.
The vast armies of Russia, China, Iran and its allies will number many millions of men when fully mustered and trained. This army foretold in Ezekiel 38 is also mentioned in Revelation 16:12 wherein it is called the army of “the kings of the east” and it is shown to be coming out of Asia as it attacks westward toward Jerusalem (and NATO regions). Revelation 9:13-19 also describes this same army, and this prophecy reveals the attacking Asian army will number 200,000,000 men. Hmm. China already has an admitted army of 2,300,000 and it now training 50,000,000 more. When those fifty million are trained and militarized, then China can train many more tens of millions of its youth to recognize and fight against US weaponry. China has far over one billion people. An army of 200,000,000 is well within the reach of China and its allies in Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. Revelation’s prophecy indicate they will be heading westward out of Asia to attack their enemies.
When will the western nations and their leaders awake out of their deep stupor, and realize they are being targeted for extinction or slavery by China’s new warlords? Winston Churchill warned about the inevitability of an attack by Nazi Germany and he was ignored for years, but he did sound the alarm. Is there a politician in the West today who will do what Churchill did in rallying the people of the West, or are all of our modern leaders blind and naive parallels to Neville Chamberlain who cluelessly proclaimed “peace in our time” to the equally gullible peoples of the West just prior to World War II?