The Washington Times reported that China recently tried to buy 118 square miles of Iceland, but the Icelandic Interior Ministry turned down the offer (see link below).

The Chinese “businessman” who made the offer had “held numerous positions in the communist central government” of China, and he claimed that he wanted to build golf courses and eco-tourism. Yah, right. Given that China, in the recent past, has bought things ostensibly for peaceful use and then converted them into military use once they had the assets, the Icelandic government was right to recognize that China’s military was all but certain to enter Iceland on any land bought by a person who has been a prominent Chinese communist official. The¬†article reminds readers that the unfinished Russian aircraft carrier, the Varyag, was purchased in 1998 by Chinese civilian businessmen (for use as a casino if my memory is right), but the Chinese military became the ultimate owners of the carrier. They completed its outfitting as a Chinese aircraft carrier and it will enter service soon with the Chinese navy as it is now on its second set of sea trials.

The article also points out the obvious: that Iceland is a “strategic spot in the North Atlantic that is crucial for European security.” It is important for the USA’s security as well. China knew full well about Iceland’s strategic position, and that having a Chinese base on it would have been vital for Chinese plans for the eventual World War III that Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies as inevitable. If China had bamboozled Iceland into selling it 118 square miles of Iceland’s territory, I think it is safe to say that China’s military would have eventually included Chinese missile bases, radar stations, submarine tracking stations, etc. on that intended Chinese enclave.

Three cheers for Iceland for stopping this effort by China to encircle the North American continent with Chinese bases and isolate NATO nations in Europe from their North American allies. However, one wonders how many other Chinese “businessmen” have been successful in buying up tracts of land in other nations where eventual Chinese military bases are either already planned or being built. One thing is for sure: you won’t read about it or hear about it in the establishment media.