The links below confirm that China’s warlike intentions have not changed. Indeed, they have accelerated. Some of what is reported in these links was discussed in my blog posts months ago, but it is now making its way into establishment news media reports as well. The first link reports that for “two decades,” China has been adding large numbers of warships, submarines, fighter jets and—more significantly—developing offensive missiles capable of knocking out US stealth aircraft and the biggest US naval ships, including aircraft carriers (emphasis added).” The fact that China is building “large numberrs” of these new weapons systems indicates that they are doing so as they expect to suffer a high loss ratio among these classes of weaponry in a future war (vs. the USA and its allies). They are building “large numbers” of these weapons as they want to have more of their weapons systems survive than the western weapons systems they will be fighting. This is a classic and prudent military strategy.

China’s warlike actions are pushing such nations as Japan, Vietnam, the Phillipines and others into being allies against China. India, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other Pacific Rim nations are also likely parts of this anti-China alliance. As long-time readers of this blog know, I’ve been predicting this development for a long time, based on the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:13 (see also my article on Japan’s role in latter-day prophecy, available at the articles link of my website). The first link below is full of useful information the establishment media is now only beginning to discuss. China has taken warlike actions against the ships of Vietnam and the Philippines, and the USA is building a new class of long-range bombers that can attack China. In what I consider to be one of the more inane comments I’ve seen in a long time, an “expert” is cited as saying “There’s a lot of stuff that China seems to be acquiring for no obvious reason.” Such comments remind me of the nonsense spewed by British and European appeasers and deniers who said such things about Adolf Hitler’s building of a mighty military machine in the 1930s. He built that military machine to go to war against the nations whose appeasers and deniers had their heads in the sand about Hitler’s intentions. Just as Hitler built a mighty war machine to go to war with, China is doing the same thing. Unfortunately, most western governments are staffed by appeasers and deniers who are as blind as the ones who refused to believe Hitler’s warlike intentions in the 1930s!

One of the few people in the establishment media who regularly warns about Chinese warlike intentions is Bill Gertz, and one of his columns appears as the second linkbelow. It reports that China continues to violate treaties by shipping missiles and related parts to Iran, Syria and Pakistan (all of whom are either prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to be part of the Gog-Magog alliance or are likely candidates to be in its roster of nations). Why anyone would be surprised that China cavalierly ignores its treaty obligations amazes me. China is a Communist nation. Wasn’t it Vladimir Lenin, one of the founders of Communism, who said “Treaties are like pie crusts, made to be broken?” Communist China lives by Lenin’s philosophies, not those of naive western governments and their equally-naive war planners. The second link also mentions China’s carrier-killer missile, discussed months ago in my blog posts.

The third link reports that China soon expects to have three aircraft carriers. One (a refitted Russian carrier) is likely to be ready soon. As a recent blog post reported, The UK is considering selling two carriers to China, which would give China three carriers very quickly if this happens. If the British sell aircraft carriers to Communist China, it will be one of the most foolish decisions in global history as China will be using those carriers against the western nations and their allies whenever Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy is fulfilled in the future. The last linkbelow details a confrontation between Chinese aircraft and an American aircraft which received very little attention in the world press, but the incident shows China is not only willing but eager to use its military to probe western defenses and their will to fight.

Those who wish more information on how the prophesied Ezekiel 38-39 “Gog-Magog” war will unfold in a future year are urged to read my article: What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III [PDF]. I also discuss updated information about this topic in some of the global radio interviews which were done earlier this year, and you can listen to them for free at my website as well. If any readers have not done so yet, you owe it to yourself to read my homepage article on The USA in Prophecy. After you read that article, you will understand much more about what is happening in world events, and why the fulfillment of Bible prophecy confirms that there is a Creator God who is intervening in the destinies of nations to make sure his will always gets implemented. That article will also make it plain that those who say the USA is not mentioned in Bible prophecy are dead wrong. Indeed, the USA is often mentioned in latter-day prophecies. It is just not called “the USA.”

I wish to thank a reader for sending me one of the links below.