It has now been revealed that in April of this year, 15% of the world’s internet traffic was “briefly redirected through computer networks in China.” The term “briefly” was not defined in this article. That China was able to seize 15% of the world’s internet traffic from its normal routings and direct it through Chinese computers speaks volumes about the degree to which China is continuing to develop its cyberwarfare skills.

The internet traffic redirected to Chinese computers included internet traffic from the US Pentagon and the Office of Secretary of Defense Gates. All of this redirected internet traffic was, no doubt, carefully reviewed by Chinese computer experts to look for high-value information. The article acknowledges that the diversion of data could have been due to “malicious activities” and could have seized vital military and commercial data.

What is amazing to me is the statement in the link below that “It was not immediately clear whether the incident was deliberate.” Good grief! Does anyone seriously think that the redirection of 15% of the entire world’s internet traffic into Chinese networks was accidental at a time when intense Chinese cyber-spying and cyber-warfare against the USA has been well-documented?  Does anyone think it was accidental that the diversion of data to Chinese computer networks also just happened to include the Pentagon’s information stream and even the computer traffic from the Secretary of Defense’s office?

Anyone who seriously thinks that this was an accidental event is a candidate to buy some prime ocean-side land in Nebraska. I think China sent the USA a message about its ability to penetrate and steal even the secure computer traffic within the Pentagon. This fits with China “sending a message” to the USA that it could shoot down US satellites in space, that it could penetrate aircraft carrier defensive screens with one of its submarines and perhaps even that it could send its missile-firing submarines undetected right off the USA’s West Coast (see my November 10th blog post). China has established a pattern of actively demonstrating to the USA what it can do to the USA in a future warfare between the two nations. As long-time readers of this blog know, that war is prophesied to occur during the “latter days” of this age. New readers of this blog can read an in-depth examination of that war’s prophesied motives, tactics and outcome in my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.