As China’s military might and its foreign currency reserves grow greater, it is beginning to act more aggressively in international matters. This was inevitable. China has now reached the point where it has a hammer-lock on the US economy via its dollar surpluses, its “ownership” of much of America’s factory output (located in China), and its predatory currency policies to keep the Yuan undervalued. China has played its cards well. It is the short-sighted American global companies which fell into the Chinese trap due to their corporate greed in desiring extra profits by producing their products at cheap Chinese labor costs. Now the USA (and the West in general) are learning the inexorable power of the financial law stated in Proverbs 22:7 that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” China is the “lender” and it intends to make all its borrowers its “servants.”

The first link relates that China is still continuing to embargo the shipments of rare earth minerals to Japan after a Japanese-Chinese confrontation which began with the collision of a Chinese ship with a Japanese coast guard vessel.  China is likely to resume such shipments before too long as its own companies need the export profits from such shipments, but China is making the point to Japan that China can effectively shut down a large portion of Japan’s export-driven economy if Japan doesn’t do what China tells it to do. This fact is, no doubt, clearly understood in Tokyo which is likely to be scouring the earth for new sources of rare earth minerals to free itself from a dependency on China.

The second link, from, reports that China is looking for ways to use its massive foreign currency reserves to its advantage. It intends to start buying up assets and properties in the USA and western nations. You can be sure that each asset or property it buys in western nations will become a foothold for whatever other plans the Chinese Communist Party wishes to implement in that nation. Spying will be rampant and China can use these acquisitions to move more Chinese personnel and agents-in-place into western nations. As the second link notes, western nations, weakened by their wild debt policies of recent years, have little choice but to accept Chinese money as props for their local economies. This link observes that “America has no choice but to pawn its future to finance today’s needs.” Years of foolish governmental and corporate choices about debt and relocating factories to China have put the USA in a very bad position vis-à-vis China. China’s acquisition plan is starting in the USA already. The third link and fourth link report that China is buying up a large share of an American oil company which will give China ownership of Texas energy assets. That link reports more acquisitions are expected.

The fifth link, from ABC News, reports that China is also expected to go on a buying spree of American real estate properties, the prices of which have been dropped dramatically in American’s housing and real estate crash. How many Americans might end up paying rent to Chinese landlords in the future? It is not just in America that China is shopping to buy up western properties. The sixth link reports on Chinese acquisitions in New Zealand, and the seventh link reports on Chinese acquisitions in Brazil, Australia, Canada and Africa.

My October 11th blog post focused on the currency wars that are starting around the globe. It is the debauched US dollar that is likely to eventually be “the odd man out” in the currency wars. Another shot has been fired in the growing currency wars. The eighth link  reports that Turkey and China have agreed to conduct their foreign trade in just Turkish and Chinese currencies, freezing the US Dollar (and US banks) out of their bilateral trade relationships. Expect more such bilateral arrangements to be made by China with more nations, gradually freezing the USA and the US dollar out of ever more of world trade deals. The final link reports that China has announced that it will buy Greece’s bonds when they are again offered. This will be welcome news for the troubled Greek bond market and economy, but you can be sure that Chinese “strings” will be included with any such Chinese bond purchases in Europe. The article mentions some of the possible Chinese demands that will be made upon Europe. Since Greece is a member of NATO and the EU, Chinese entrance into the Greek bond market and economy will give China leverage over other European nations as well. I fully expect that China’s long-term goal is to squeeze the USA and the US dollar out of more and more of the global economy, and it is moving steadily to implement that policy.

China is definitely becoming more aggressive and willing to use its growing financial muscle to its advantage and to the disadvantage of the USA and the West. Expect this trend to continue.  Ezekiel 38-39 reveals where it will all end, as my previous blog posts and available articles at this website have detailed, and in Isaiah 41:21-26, God promises that he will always make sure his prophecies get fulfilled. Nations and people who ignore God’s prophecies do so at their own risk, because even though he is a Spirit Being who is invisible to us, God is by far the biggest player in global geopolitics. Mankind is going to learn that fact the hard way, as biblical prophecies also make clear.,8599,1910319,00.html