Today’s USA Today had a tiny reference to the fact that the US Federal Reserve Board approved a proposal by a large Chinese bank to purchase a US bank in New York City, and it also approved the opening of Chinese branch banks in New York City and Chicago. A much more detailed story about this development appeared in the British media (see link), and I thank the friend who sent this link to me.
There are several things worth noting about this deal. It is the first acknowledged purchase of a US bank by a Chinese bank, but have other banks been bought by China, in either a majority or minority interest ownership arrangement? Also, a post I wrote many months ago documented that China was investing its surplus US dollars in all kinds of US commercial and residential real estate, farm land, etc. One also wonders how many millions of shares of major American banking, industrial, retail and other types of companies are owned by Chinese investors and banks already. It would be possible for Chinese investors to actually be the real owners of many millions of shares of stock which are held in “street name” by major American brokerage house via third-party firms.
Another interesting fact is that the approval of Chinese banks owning US banks was given by the US Federal Reserve Board (a private banking company with a federal charter to serve as the nation’s central bank). This means that no branch or part of the US federal government approved this transaction, but it is being implemented anyway. This speaks volumes about who is really running and governing the United States of America. The US Congress didn’t vote to approve this. The president didn’t sign any bill to approve this. The Supreme Court didn’t rule this was permissible under the US Constitution. However, the Fed (the beating heart of the current global financial/monetary system called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18) approved it so it will happen. One wonders how many more US banks and financial firms will be openly or quietly bought up by Chinese banks in future years with surplus US dollars held by Communist China. The “camel’s nose” is now under the tent, and its only a matter of time till the whole camel enters the tent. It may well be that in a few years, the mortgages, car loans and many other types of consumer debt will be owed by American borrowers to Chinese creditors, but Americans may not realize it as their loan instruments will be serviced by firms with English-sounding names.
I’m reminded of two scriptures that directly deal with this trend. The first is Proverbs 22:7 that “borrowers are servants to lenders.” The more that the USA falls into massive and unpayable debt to the Chinese and the world, the more the USA will steadily lose its sovereignty over its own domestic economy and currency. The second scripture is Deuteronomy 28:43-44 which is found in a listing of national curses that will befall nations descended from the ancient tribes of Israel when they forsake God’s laws. The USA is one of the major nations in today’s world which is descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel, who never returned to the Holy Land but migrated to other regions of the world (evidence documenting this conclusion can be found in my books, articles and audio messages on my website). This prophetic scripture says that “strangers” (foreigners) will get higher and higher over Israelites in the Israelites’ own land if they disobey God and that the Israelite nations which disobey God will find themselves in a position of owing debts to these foreigners. Has this happened to modern America? Yes. The USA does not have an unlimited amount of time to regain control of its own national destiny and financial sovereignty. At some point, the debts will become so large that the entire USA will be “servant” to its international creditors, as Proverbs 22:7 warns. Maybe we are already past the point of no return. I hope and pray that is not the case.