Today’s blog is short, but offers a revealing insight. The link below reports that one of China’s top military officials met recently with the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian armed forces in Cairo. The Egyptian official commented on the “close cooperation in military, political and economic fields [between the two nations] in recent years,” and the Chinese official stated that China is “willing to make joint efforts with the Egyptian side to consolidate the traditional friendship and push for in-depth cooperation between the two militaries” (emphasis added).

What is going on here? China and Egypt have not historically been close in any way. Russia was Egypt’s ally and weapons supplier during much of the Cold War and the USA has been an ally and weapons supplier to Egypt after the Cold War. Egypt may be playing the USA and China against each other to get a better deal from both nations, and China is surely looking to make inroads in regions of the world where the USA and the West have been dominant.

What I think is going on is that China is aggressively seeking to separate the USA from its overseas allies to the greatest extent possible. A recent blog noted that Turkey is being enticed into the “Gog-Magog” orbit by Iran (which would hugely benefit Russia) , and now China is making overtures to Egypt. The USA and the West are now rightly perceived as being weak, and I believe China is making the case to many nations to “switch sides” and join the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to become powerful in our modern “latter day” period. The USA, the UK, and the Eurozone are all in fiscal crisis due to many years of profligate spending and debt excesses. China can offer hard currencies and dollar surpluses to nations it is courting, but all the USA can offer is more “funny money” from the Federal Reserve Board. China, Russia and Iran are building a militarily-powerful alliance, while NATO is militarily weak and the USA has been dissipating its military strength in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also don’t think there is any doubt that President Obama is perceived as a weak and inexperienced leader by foreign nations.

The USA and NATO need to “get their houses in order” quickly. The rest of the world is aware of their economic, monetary and military weakness, and China, Russia and Iran are exploiting that weakness as much as possible as they attract as many nations as they can into the Gog-Magog alliance. The USA and the West need to come out of their stupor…soon.