In a further sign that the dominance of the current US dollar-based global financial system is eroding steadily, China is steadily selling off its US treasury bond holdings and is voraciously buying gold (see first link). This is not an item that you can expect to see emphasized in the American establishment media. I agree with the first link’s observation that the officially reported gold hordes of the USA, Europe and China do not accurately reflect the reality of today’s gold holdings. I am convinced that the US and Europe have less gold than is reported and that China has considerably more than is officially reported. Based on the information that 80% of the gold shipped to other nations from Switzerland is going to Asia, it is evident that global gold stocks are being transferred from western nations to eastern nations. Over 50% of that gold is being shipped to China (either directly or via Hong Kong) and India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are also buying gold heavily. What do these eastern nations know that the average westerner doesn’t know?

China’s action in dumping treasury bonds at a slow but steady rate makes good economic sense for China. If they dumped them quickly, the value of the treasury bonds would drop just as quickly and the remaining Chinese holdings of treasury bonds would drop precipitously as well. Therefore, it makes sense for China to sell off the T-bonds as fast as it can without risking a sudden drop in the value of the rest of their T-bonds that they will be selling in the future. I urge readers to watch the short video in the second link as it supports the conclusions of the first link and it has an expert stating that the gold stocks in London have been drastically reduced. Obviously, they were shipped somewhere else. That “somewhere” is China. The third link offers additional supportive information on this topic.

The rapid stockpiling of gold by China is strong evidence that China believes that gold will be the primary form of money in the future economy, and their steady sell-off of US treasuries indicates they believe that the dominance of the US dollar in global markets is going to end. That other nations are doing the same thing indicates that a growing number of nations believe gold will be the future “currency” of choice.

Nations not in Asia are also stocking up on gold for the future. The fourth link reports that Germany has demanded its gold back from the USA, England and France where it was being physically stored. Clearly, the Germans want to have the gold in their own hands now. However, Germany is receiving only a paltry amount of gold from the USA (the Federal Reserve Board), raising speculation that the USA (the Fed) doesn’t actually have the German gold anymore, but rather sold or loaned it off to other parties. If true, this would be very damaging for the Fed’s reputation, and the longer it takes for the USA (the Fed) to send Germany its gold, the more it strengthens the case that Germany’s gold can’t be returned because it was not stored on hand for Germany by the Fed as was supposed to happen. After all, if the Fed really has stored Germany’s gold properly, it should be able to ship the gold to Germany within a few months via maritime and air routes. If the Fed doesn’t have Germany’s gold on hand, Germany will be very angry. The fourth link also reports that Venezuela has also repatriated its gold, as it wants it in its own hands, not stored anywhere else. The last link offers Glenn Beck’s viewpoint on the major threat to the global financial system posed by the apparently “missing” German gold.

The above reports about nations wanting to stock up on gold instead of US dollars or US treasury debt strongly argue that these nations see that gold will be the “currency” of choice to have on hand in the future and that the US dollar and US treasuries are on the way out as a global reserve currency. This is one more indication that the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy in Revelation 17-18 is drawing ever nearer. That prophecy foretells that there will be a collapse of the current global financial/monetary system in the latter days and that it will be replaced by a new global system called the “beast” system. If you have any doubts about whether we are living in the biblically prophesied “latter days” when this prophecy will be fulfilled, please read my article entitled Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? When you examine how accurately the Bible’s prophecies have predicted specific events and conditions in our time, you will see that it affirms the Bible has to have a Divine authorship. For a full explanation of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18, please read my article entitled Is “Babylon the Great about to Fall, Ushering in a Global “Beast” System?