April 5, 2009
Steve Collins
Another dire military threat to the USA from China has emerged, and I doubt the establishment media have told you about it. The US Naval Institute revealed a few days ago that the Chinese have developed  a “kill” weapon against US aircraft carriers. It is an anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) with a range of 2000 km and a speed of mach 10. It is reported to also have variable maneuverability to make it even harder to shoot down. The report adds the new Chinese missile has created “panic inside the bubble” at the US Navy. If this Chinese ASBM is being deployed now, it means the US aircraft carriers cannot survive if they are within range of this missile as the US Navy apparently lacks any defense against this missile. Its worth pointing out that if the Chinese missile can travel 2000 km now, what is to stop them from expanding its range so it can reach 3000 km, 4000 km or more?
While this report mentions the ASBM is a “kill” weapon vs. US carriers, it is actually the second “kill” weapon specifically developed against US carriers. The first one is already developed and deployed. It is the Russian-made “sizzler” cruise missile which is supersonic, and I have done several blogs on this new Russian missile in the past (see archives of this blog). Reportedly, the Russians have already shared this sizzler missile with their strategic ally, China, so Chinese military forces are now equipped with this missile.  If the “sizzler” missile can be launched from Russian and Chinese submarines, long-range bombers and even merchant vessels, the US carriers are already vulnerable anywhere in the world.
I sincerely hope that the Defense Department and the US Navy are rapidly working on a defensive weapons system to counter both the sizzler missile and this new Chinese ASBM. If the US Navy does not possess such defensive systems, our carriers are sitting ducks.
Although China has immense financial muscle and is investing in all kinds of new, ultra-modern weaponry, China is not building aircraft carriers. They occasionally make noises about building or outfitting an aircraft carrier (one such example is in the second link below), but building aircraft carriers is obviously not a high priority for Communist Chinese war planners. Why not? I think China has decided that aircraft carriers are “sitting ducks” which cannot survive the next world war so they are not building them. Their energies are being directed into destroying US carriers so carriers cannot be used in the next war. Let’s hope they are wrong, but think about it. Whenever the next world war starts (and Ezekiel 38 prophesies it is an eventual certainty), how will US aircraft carriers be defended? China and Russia will undoubtedly launch salvoes of sizzler supersonic cruise missiles at each US carrier and several of the new ASBM missiles will be simultaneously launched at each carrier as well. How many ballistic missiles and supersonic missiles can the carrier defense systems knock down before one gets through? What if the ASBMs aimed at our carriers have tactical nuclear weapons in their warheads? These are critical national security questions. I don’t know if the Pentagon has any satisfactory answers.
I think the Defense Department’s war planners need to start burning the midnight oil to develop and deploy new, modern, anti-missile defense systems to defend our carriers. These defensive weapons will likely be needed with a few years, not a few decades, from now. However, the Obama administration, according to many media reports, intends to impose dramatic cuts on the US military so will the critically-needed defensive systems for our carriers ever be built?
Ezekiel 38 makes it clear that the Gog-Magog allies of Russia, China, Iran, etc. will launch their attack vs. the entire western world and our allies with every expectation of success. Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy their attack will ultimately fail, due to Divine intervention to end the world war and impose a new millennial/Messianic Age upon the nations of the earth. However, the prophecy does not tell us how long the war will be allowed to unfold before God intervenes. Here’s hoping the Obama administration remembers to fund a modern carrier-defense system so the Navy has something to fight with when this age-ending war begins. If you have any doubts that the term “Israel” in Ezekiel 38 designates the nations of the USA, NATO nations and the entire western world, I urge you to listen to the extensive evidence presented in Parts One and Two of my audio presentations re: the history and whereabouts of the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel (see the “speeches” link at this website).