This may be one of the most important blogs I’ve ever written. The Washington Times (see first link below) has reported that China is developing another new missile system designed specifically to wipe out all US aircraft carrier battle groups in a first strike capacity. China’s program is to “convert DF-21 medium-range ballistic missiles into aircraft carrier-killing weapons,” and the report adds the “development of [this] anti-ship ballistic missile is well advanced.” It adds these new ballistic missiles will be designed to “fly in the upper atmosphere or near space and thus ‘negate’ current US Navy missile defenses.” While not discussed in the article, it is also possible these new Chinese ballistic missiles will be equipped with nuclear warheads. When China and Russia go to war against the USA and its allies in an all-out first strike (as Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy is certain to occur in the future), they are going to be playing “for keeps.” They will try to utterly crush the US military in a first globally-coordinated strike. By shooting several ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons at each American aircraft battle group, they intend to sink all US carriers in the first hour of a future war unless the US Navy rapidly deploys some kind of defensive system to intercept these Chinese missiles at a high enough altitude to enable the US carrier battle groups to survive. The report indicates the USA is also working on a similar global ballistic missile system to attack enemy targets, but our carriers will be “toast” unless we quickly deploy a defensive naval missile system against these new Chinese ballistic missiles! The new Chinese missiles supposedly have a 1,500 mile range, but no nation reveals the true capabilities of its new weapons systems. What if the new missiles actually have twice their reported range?

The first link also reports that Congress can’t make up its mind whether to upgrade the US military’s nuclear missiles to make sure they actually will work in a time of warfare. Such an upgrade is “urgently needed,” but Congress has its head firmly stuck in the sand (I’m tempted to use a more colorful metaphor here about where Congress has its head “stuck”). China is rapidly preparing first-strike capabilities to knock out the US military in a first strike, but Congress can’t make up its mind whether to spend money to defend the USA. Congress (and the Obama administration) also decided to halt production of the USA’s new generation F-22 fighter because it cost too much. I think each F-22 cost about $300 million each. Let’s consider something. The July 31, 2009 USA Today reported that “9 banks pay $33 billion in bonuses.” This story reported that “Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan shelled out more in bonuses than they earned.” Do you want to bet those bonuses were paid out of the taxpayer-funded bailouts Obama and the Congress gave to Wall Street’s reckless money barons? In rough math, those $33 billion in bonuses would have paid for about 100 F-22s, but the Obama administration and this feckless Congress couldn’t find money to pay for even 7-12 F-22s to keep the assembly line running. I wonder if China ordered Obama to cancel the F-22 program as a price for China’s continued decision not to crash the US dollar and treasury markets by dumping its dollars on the global markets? Consider Proverbs 22:7 when considering this possibility.

The first link details only one aircraft carrier killing system. This blog stated this was a “second” carrier-killing system. The Russians developed the first carrier-killing missile system and it has been deployed in the Russian navy and has already been shared with and deployed in the Chinese navy. I blogged about it last year, but the new Russian missiles are the “sizzler” cruise missiles. US carrier defenses were designed in an age of subsonic cruise missile threats. This new Russian cruise missile starts at a subsonic speed, but accelerates to a supersonic speed as it approaches its target and is reportedly even capable of defensive maneuvering. The second link below, from Bloomberg News, reports the US Navy has no defense against this sizzler missile. This carrier-killing missile has also been deployed by the Chinese navy and has reportedly been offered to Iran as well. If either Russia or China has shared this missile with Iran, the sizzler missiles will likely be fired in salvos against US warships and oil tankers in the Persian Gulf in the event of a strike by the Israelis or Americans against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

If Iran (or, perhaps, Chinese and Russian technicians located in Iran) fire sizzler missiles at US ships in the Persian Gulf and sink them, there will be “hell to pay” in the USA!  The loss of American lives in those sunk ships could potentially exceed the number killed on 9/11. If Russian sizzler missiles fired from Iran sink US warships, all nations will also realize that the era of American superpower status is over. If this happens, any third-world nation equipped with sizzler missiles can sink US carrier battle groups. The Obama administration and the Democrats, since they are now “in charge,” will be the targets of unprecedented voter wrath if this happens. The article notes that the Congress has received warnings about this Russian missile for six years now and has done nothing about it, so if a disaster occurs to the US Navy, the Democrats will experience the greatest debacle in US electoral history in the next election after such a disaster occurs. Indeed, impeachments may be in order. I hope the US Navy has some discretionary funds and authority to develop and deploy defensive missile systems against nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles and supersonic cruise missiles. If not, many US admirals will have their careers ended ingloriously like the career of Admiral Kimmel, who foolishly did not act to protect the US battleships at Pearl Harbor in 1941. I hope and pray that the US Navy has advanced defensive weapons systems already deployed to meet these threats, but if they have them, no one knows about them and they, therefore, have no deterrent value.

In spite of massive funds available to do so, China has not invested in building aircraft carriers. Why not? I think it is obvious that China considers them indefensible in a new war and does not want to waste money building such huge and vulnerable targets. China is investing its money into subs, surface ships and missiles which can kill carriers. The third link below is a detailed listing of Chinese military programs. It reports that China has already equipped surface ships and submarines with the Russian carrier-killing sizzler missiles. That means US carrier battle groups are vulnerable to Chinese submarine missile attack anywhere in the world that Chinese subs can sail. You can also be sure that US carriers are vulnerable to all the Russian subs that have also been equipped with Russia’s sizzler missiles. The USA and western civilization has never faced a time of greater peril, but Americans and western citizens are not being warned. Please forward this link to all your friends who need to know about this ominous danger.

Now for a personal word to the powerful ruling elites of the West (in case you ever read my Bible-based blogs). You had a plan to “manage” Russia and exploit its natural resources. You also planned to exploit China’s cheap labor force to build cheap goods for your multinational corporations. You also thought you could conquer the world via leveraged debt instruments. Your strategy is blowing up in your faces. Russia and China have outsmarted you. They have accumulated vast surpluses, which trump debt-based strategies every time (Proverbs 22:7 states this immutable law). Russia and China see that you have so weakened the US and western militaries and economies that Russia and China no longer feel any need to share world domination with you. They intend to conquer you completely and rule the world by themselves. That decision was made some time ago and Russian-Chinese military programs confirm it. Russia and China intend to have the western ruling elites lined up against walls and shot by Russian/Chinese firing squads when they conquer the West. The only thing that will keep you alive in the future is a greatly-strengthened US military. The Russian-Chinese strategy is obvious. They are building naval forces which can quickly destroy all US aircraft battlegroups, leaving the US Navy reduced to a submarine force only. Ezekiel 38 gives you the Russian-Chinese invasion strategy. They will use air and land power to come down into North America from the north. It will be easy to do this by seizing US airfields in Alaska and then running a 24/7 massive air- and sea-movement of their army forces into Alaska and sending them southward into Canada and the USA to occupy the USA before it can mount a successful defense. China has already developed tanks, APCs and anti-aircraft vehicles which are designed to fit on air transports. They will be shipped by the 1000s into Alaska and sent southward with the Russian and Chinese army forces. The USA has foolishly deployed its military land forces to Iraq and Afghanistan and is depleting its military strength in senseless wars. US forces in Korea and Europe will be unable to return to the USA to help defend the US homeland because they will be fighting for survival against invasion forces trying to overwhelm them. The US has few resources to defend its own homeland. They better hope the NRA has a lot of weapons left. This Russian-Chinese invasion plan is not merely a possibility. This is a certainty. God decrees in Ezekiel 38 that it will happen. If the Russian-Chinese attack vs. North America and Europe is successful, all members of the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, Wall Street barons, etc. will be killed as quickly as possible by the Russians and Chinese.  If the western power elites wish to live, they better start strengthening the US military…now…while there is some time left to do so. I’m not “rooting” for your demise. I’m giving you God’s warning about what is certain to occur so you can prepare to meet this threat. I want my nation to survive! To enable my nation to survive, you need to be warned.

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