A British media source is reporting that China may soon have cornered the market on many critically-important rare minerals found in the earth. This is an ominous development as these rare minerals are vital in the production of “cutting-edge technology, from hybrid cars and catalytic converters to superconductors and precision-guided weapons.” The article also reports that these rare minerals are vital in producing hard-disk drives, wind turbines and lasers. The impending Chinese monopoly of these critical materials is due to China’s “flooding the market” in previous years, which “put global competitors out of business.” The article reports it will take years for the West to restore its ability to mine these minerals in their own nations. If the West loses access to these minerals, its civilian and military industrial capabilities will suffer.

A source in this article states “China [isn’t] holding the world to ransom” on these rare items, but I think the deliberate Chinese policy of driving western competitors out of production argues otherwise. This appears to be one more aspect of a clear Chinese strategy to gain a complete commercial, economic and military advantage over the West in as many ways as possible. In the game of international geopolitics, China is playing its cards very well. It pursued policies which seemed to benefit the western companies in the short term, but which actually implemented huge Chinese advantages and objectives in the long term. Western nations have not realized China’s hostile long-range intent, so they gullibly played right into the Chinese web that has now trapped them. If western leaders had understood or heeded God’s warning to them in Ezekiel 38, they would have understood China’s hostile intent long ago. I want to thank a reader of this website (who wishes to remain anonymous) for bringing this link to my attention.

The article below closes by reporting that the Japanese government sees the dangers posed by a Chinese monopoly of these rare minerals and it is “stockpiling” to ensure a future supply for Japan. The article notes “the West has yet to stir.” Western leaders seem thoroughly clueless re: the growing danger poses by China (with its Russian and Iranian allies). It appears the western nations are now classic cases of “the blind leading the blind” in so many aspects of national policy.