The topic of this blog was suggested to me by my good friend, Pastor Steve Hickey of Church at the Gate in my home city of Sioux Falls, SD. I want to thank Pastor Hickey for drawing my attention to the first link below (the cover article in the October, 2009 issue of Fortune magazine). Pastor Hickey’s blog is among my recommended links at this website.

The cover of the Fortune magazine cites a series of articles called “China Buys the World;” however, the feature article inside the magazine is called “It’s China’s World (We just live in it).” It documents a growing and relentless trend which Americans and Westerners should find very troubling. The articles reveal that China is pursuing a global buying spree in which it is buying up mines, energy fields, natural resources, etc. as China is “eager to find something (anything!) to invest in besides U.S. Treasury debt.” Clearly, China has seen the “handwriting on the wall” that the U.S. dollar is likely to head steadily downward in value on world markets for the foreseeable future, so China is trying to spend its gargantuan U.S. dollar assets on things of tangible value while its dollar assets have some value.

The article shows how muscular the Chinese buying spree has become. In Nigerian oil fields, China is “offering multiples of what the existing [Western] producers are pledging [for licenses].” Western oil companies are not used to being dramatically outbid for third-world energy licenses, but they better get used to this trend. China means to buy up whatever it needs and wants around the globe to feed its insatiable demand for ever-more commodities to fuel China’s internal growth and demand. I’ll bet Americans thought the USA won the Iraqi War, right? If so, how come American companies were just frozen out of a major project to develop an oil field in Iraq? The second link reports that BP [British Petroleum] and China’s CNPC were awarded the rights by the Iraqi Oil Ministry to “develop the Rumeila oil field.” I’m sure the U.S. military is happy to fight in Iraq to make sure Chinese companies receive the rights to develop Iraqi oil fields. Where was the U.S. government when this deal was allowed? Perhaps President Obama was too busy flying to Copenhagen to make a sales pitch for Chicago’s bid for a future Olympic Games to take care of America’s business interests abroad. Apparently, that Iraqi oil field assigned to China was not a lone example of growing Chinese dominance in Iraq. The Fortune article shows a picture of heavily-armed Chinese soldiers guarding “the Chinese-owned Al-Ahdab oilfield in Iraq.” How many other Iraqi oil fields have (or will soon have) Chinese masters?

The article also covers the growing partnership between China and Brazil in developing an oil field off Brazil’s coast, China’s rapidly growing economic/military alliance with Iran via which China is “locking up” rights to future Iranian oil production, the purchase of IBM’s PC business in 2005 by a Chinese company, China’s efforts to buy up Australian mineral rights, etc. The article has a map showing China’s activity in buying up natural resources, banks, and other businesses on every inhabited continent of the world. This is all happening because America forfeited global economic leadership to China. When America foolishly went on an unprecedented debt-binge and transferred much of its industrial base to China in search of short-term corporate profits, the USA surrendered global economic leadership and dominance to China. China is not going to give that dominance back. President Obama made a weak effort to defend U.S. interests by imposing a tire tariff on Chinese tires, but the article notes Obama has to be cautious because America is so dependent on Chinese creditors. The Fortune article correctly notes that “the U.S. will need to ramp up exports to maintain its own economic growth.” However, to increase its own exports, the USA will need to bring home to U.S. cities the industrial base it has shipped to China and elsewhere. Until it does that, the USA has little ability to “ramp up exports.”

It is not only the American media which is noticing China’s aggressive grab to control the world’s physical assets. The third link has a series of article and links from Al-Jazeera, an Arabic-language media source, on this same subject of China’s buying up the world. The articles cited below are only discussing the deals in which China’s ownership interests are publicly known. One wonders in how many nations China is making very private placements of capital which are buying up an array of buildings, mines, and natural resources without anyone in the media knowing about it.

It does appear that China intends to eventually “own the world” or at least control it with other nations serving as China’s serfs. This might be China’s “Plan A.” If this fails to accomplish China’s goals, there may also be China’s “Plan B,” which is described in my October 10, 2009 blog at this website. That blog details more information about China’s nanotechnology weapons program, and its possible plan to “inherit the earth” via the development of an ultimate Chinese nanotechnology weapon of mass destruction (WMD). If you have not yet read about this sinister possibility, I urge you to scroll back to my October 10th blog and read for yourself what China’s plan for earth’s future might be. As you read it, think about Jesus Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:22 that unless he returned quickly at some future time, there would be “no flesh” left alive. China may plan to make the globe an exclusive Chinese domain via its nanotechnology WMD, but other nations on earth have new types of WMD that they are developing as well. When/if China unleashes its nanotechnology WMD against the rest of the world at a future time, the world’s nations will surely all unleash their WMD weaponry against China. That is a situation in which all flesh could perish, and that is exactly the kind of situation Matthew 24:21-22 says will develop at the end of this age. Thankfully, God already has prepared his “Plan A” to keep mankind from committing global suicide: the return of His Son, Jesus Christ, leading a heavenly army of spirit beings to impose Divine rule on the earth’s nations (Revelation 19:11-20:4). I have little doubt that some people reading my blogs will live to see God’s “Plan A” implemented.