This short post is to pass on to readers another stark contrast concerning the rapid modernization of China’s weaponry which is being matched by the USA’s neglect of its own military weaponry. This post concerns the modernization of China’s warplanes and the obsolete and worn-out warplanes now in the US warplane inventory.
The first link, from the respected Aviation Week magazine, has photos and a brief description of China’s newest high-tech warplane being developed and deployed. The second link, from FOX News, has a detailed examination of the aging and worn-out roster of America’s warplanes. Indeed, it calls the US warplanes a “geriatric unit.” The USA is flying KC-135s and B-52 bombers which were designed in the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s (the newest one was made in 1964). The B-52 was developed in 1954, but “nearly 100 B-52s remain in service.” The main US spyplane is the U-2, which is a 1955-vintage aircraft (all the much-speedier SR-71s were mothballed years ago). With the exception of the F-22 Raptor, the vast majority of America’s fighter jets were designed in the 1970s. Production of the top-quality F-22 was cancelled not long ago by the “keystone cops” who make the make top military decisions in the White House and Congress. The F-22 (or a very similar copy) is still in production though…in China. The USA also deployed the modern Stealth fighter, the F-117 and revealed it in the first Persian Gulf War, but the F-117s were all mothballed in the latter part of the Bush administration (see third link). They were mothballed because the USA was building the more-advanced F-22 Raptor.
The US inventory of warplanes is in dire need of upgraded qualitative designs which are built in mass-produced quantities or the USA will be going into future wars outgunned. I recall when one of the worst presidents in the USA’s history, Jimmy Carter, cancelled the B1 bomber. When a wiser man, Ronald Reagan, was elected president, he quickly reversed that order and built the B1 bombers. I hope something similar happens when/if Mitt Romney is elected president. The F-22 was cancelled in the Obama administration, and I hope Romney quickly re-opens the F-22 assembly line. Now we have ancient warplanes in our inventories and the USA has mothballed the more modern F-117s and stopped building the top-of-the-line F-22s. Good grief!
Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies that the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a surprise sneak attack against the USA, the NATO nations and their allies at the very end of this age (i.e. in the “latter days,” see verses 8 and 16) just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. This event is absolutely, positively going to happen. God has guaranteed it. It is the prophesied grand climax event to this age during which God himself intervenes in the war when his “presence” comes to the earth in Ezekiel 38:20 (the return of Jesus Christ to Christians and the coming of the Messiah to Jews). It is most frustrating seeing the rapid militarization of the Gog-Magog alliance and its very-obvious preparations for invading the USA and its allies in direct fulfillment of this prophecy while the USA’s government leaders, having forsaken God and totally misunderstanding the Bible, cannot see that God has given us the enemy’s intentions in advance on a silver platter in biblical prophecy! God even tells us the primary attack will come out of the north (Ezekiel 38:15), which is totally logical with modern geographic realities.
The USA now urgently needs to build new weaponry (and lots of it) to repel this inevitable attack, but the USA faces a sequestration process where the US military is about to have its funding gutted because of the chronic nonfeasance and incompetence of the Congress and the White House in waking up to America’s danger and preparing for it. Pray that the sequestration process doesn’t get implemented—that our screwed-up Congress will come to some kind of an agreement to cut spending in a way that doesn’t gut the US military as our enemies are preparing for war against us. However, I fully expect that world events will take a deceptive turn in the future where everyone will think such an attack is impossible as “peace” will have broken out all over the world in some kind of a false millennium. That is when I Thessalonians 5:2-3’s prophecy will be fulfilled: It foretells of a “sudden destruction” occurring just as the world thinks an age of “peace and safety” has begun on the earth at the very end of our age. Notice that this New Testament prophecy links the sudden and unexpected return of Jesus Christ with the “sudden destruction” that hits the world at the end of the age. That perfectly parallels the Ezekiel 38 prophecy that the Lord will intervene in mankind’s last World War to end this age of mankind’s wretched record at governing itself.
May God help the USA and our western allies come to our senses! I don’t think the current commander-in-chief could tell the difference between a JDAMS bomb and a Shrike missile, and Congress long ago quit thinking of the well-being of the nation as they all seem to only think only of their own re-elections and financial-enrichment while they are in office. Here’s hoping and praying Romney will do better! If Obama is re-elected, I fear the USA faces a dire future. If Obama is re-elected, there will be great rejoicing in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran.