Amidst such major global events as the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Japan and America’s latest undeclared war (in Libya), major ongoing trends are still shaping world events toward an eventual fulfillment of the prophesied invasion of the Gog-Magog powers (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) against the western and global nations led by the USA. The USA and its western allies are called “Israel” in latter-day prophecies, as you can easily see by reading the article at my homepage entitled The USA in Bible Prophecy. The Jewish nation in the Mideast called “Israel” on our modern world maps is always called “Judah” in biblical prophecies about the latter days (Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14). The Jewish nation in the Mideast called “Judah” in the Bible is nowhere mentioned in the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39.

Many previous posts at this site have detailed China’s major military buildup and its preparations for an eventual war against the USA. A reader sent the article in the first link below from The Washington Times, which details that China is working on a new weapons system which was not previously either known or acknowledged.

In addition to building new supersonic cruise and ballistic missiles designed to kill US aircraft carriers and building an anti-satellite weapons system, China is now testing an anti-missile defense system of its own. It has now been revealed that China carried out a test of this new anti-missile system last year which was “shrouded in secrecy.” American defense officials are now openly warning about the “major strategic advancement in China’s military buildup” that is inherent in China’s development of an anti-missile system. It is a huge development because it shows that China is developing an anti-missile system which is designed to shoot down any American or western missiles which could be shot at China in a future war. If China, which is flush with cash to build such a system, can develop and deploy an effective anti-missile network, it can launch an attack against the USA confident that it can shoot down missiles launched in any retaliatory strike against China. In other words, if China thinks it can shoot down retaliatory missiles shot at it, it makes war far more likely as China could think that it can win such a war.

The link reports that Secretary Gates tried to engage China in talks about strategic missile defenses, but was “rebuffed” by China. Indeed, why should China want to “tip its hand” about any of its secret weapons systems which are being built to defeat the weaponry of the USA? China did say its anti-missile test was “defensive in nature.” That is a true statement which means absolutely nothing. Of course the test of a defensive anti-missile system is “defensive in nature,” but what was unspoken was the effort to build an anti-missile system is to enable China to launch an offensive attack against other nations without worrying about retaliatory strikes against its own cities and military bases.

Ezekiel 38-39 reveal that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will eventually launch a surprise attack against the USA and its allies at the end of our age, just prior to the Divine intervention which we Christians understand will be the second coming of Jesus Christ. China is building and stockpiling vast numbers of new weaponry for that prophesied war. My March 8th post discussed Russia’s new major military rearmament program. Iran’s military buildup is also well-documented. The Gog-Magog nations are openly preparing for war. The USA, on the other hand, is clueless to its danger. It has cancelled its most important warplane project, the F-22, and it continues to dissipate its economic resources and wear out its troops and equipment in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As readers surely know, the USA is now expending more of its stocks of cruise missiles attacking targets in Libya, even though Congress has authorized no such action. Obama is going to war under “authority” granted by the UN Security Council, not the US Congress. This shows where Obama’s loyalties and allegiances lie. Also, the US Congress can’t get its act together on anything. It can’t pass budgets, it can’t control its spending, it keeps ceding more and more of its Constitutional authority to Executive Branch agencies, etc. so one can hardly blame Obama for ignoring Congress. The US Congress is doing nothing to merit any respect from anyone lately so why should Obama take it seriously? Congress will receive no respect from Obama until Congress starts asserting its Constitutional authorities over the Executive branch of government. So far, Congress has not shown that it has the backbone to do this.