Several of China’s official media outlets ran articles bragging how many American cites can now be destroyed by Chinese land-based ICBMs and submarine-launched missiles. The first link calls the Chinese boasts about killing large numbers of Americans “chillingly macabre.” The Chinese media specifically named Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego as west coast cities on its nuclear “hit list.” China’s “hit list” of east coast cities targeted for nuclear destruction include Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Portland [ME], Baltimore and Norfolk. The second link also discusses this story, but you will need to scroll down to find the discussion on this topic.

China states openly it would hit the east coast cities with attacks from out of the north (i.e. “over the North Pole”). That is, as I’ve been saying and writing since 1987, the direction from which Ezekiel 38 warns the USA will be attacked by the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, et. al.) when World War III climaxes our age and ushers in the return of Jesus Christ as the biblically-prophesied “Conquering Messiah.” Ezekiel 38:15 warns the attack will come from the north against “Israel” (which cannot be the Jewish nation in the Mideast as the Bible refers to the Israelis/Jews as “Judah” or the “house of Judah.”) The Bible identifies the latter-day nations of “Israel” or the “house of Israel” as those nations descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel. Please read my article on The USA in Biblical Prophecy which offers the major points about where the USA is identified in biblical prophecies. A full discussion of all of the tribes of Israel throughout their migration periods and where they are located in the modern world is available in my books, which can be ordered at the links at my homepage or ordered as a downloadable E-book as well. Much information from these books can be accessed by listening to my audio messages about the ten tribes of Israel at the “speeches” tab at the top of my website.

Back to the openly-stated Chinese plans to nuke the USA. Keep in mind these are “official” plans as they were released in Chinese state-owned media. China has done their planning. In order to kill a maximum number of Americans, China had said it will need to hit the major American coastal cities as the Midwest is sparsely populated. These links include how radiation poisoning from the USA’s west coast cities being annihilated would spread inland into the American heartland. Portland, Maine and Norfolk, VA are being targeted because they host major military bases and facilities. China’s specific threats to destroy many US cities are not much different than Iran’s threat to wipe the Israelis “off the map.” Iran is another member of the Gog-Magog alliance identified accurately in the 2500 year-old prophecy in Ezekiel 38.

There is no secret about it. China has extensive plans to attack the USA. We always knew Russia had extensive plans to attack the USA during the Cold War decades. Russia also planned to attack the USA from out of the north, just as Ezekiel 38 foretold. Amazingly, some Americans, especially politicians and media types, simply can’t shake themselves out of their denial syndrome. China and Russia are serious about attacking the USA in the years ahead of us. They are now so confident they are boasting about their plans to do so. What is the White House and Congress doing about this grave threat to American security?. Pretty much nothing, as far as I see.
While China is boasting about attacking the USA with nukes, I see a different attack scenario in Ezekiel 38. Ezekiel 38:12-13 foretell that the real motive of China’s and Russia’s attack is to seize the USA’s agricultural and physical wealth. They can’t do that if they nuke the very things they want to seize as booty in a war of conquest. After all, why would they nuke America and wipe out the “collateral” for all those risky US Treasury loans China now holds?

Ezekiel 38-39 foretell that a massive ground invasion of the USA will occur as Russian and Chinese troops pour into North America “from the north” (they can be flown “over the pole” or airlifted into Alaska at Spetsnaz-seized American airports and then attack southward in massed attacks). Indeed, so many troops from the Gog-Magog nations will invade the USA, Canada and the European nations (they are Israelite nations as well) that the inhabitants of the nations of the latter-day house of Israel will need a mass burial force of people to spend seven months to bury the dead invaders (Ezekiel 39:11-19).  God also calls on the birds and animals to eat the bodies of the dead Russians, Chinese and their allies. This directly parallels the same event prophesied in Revelation 19:11-21. For much detail on this inevitable event, please read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. Thankfully, God’s script for the years ahead of us has a very happy ending for America and its fellow nations of the tribes of Israel, but not until after horrific hardships and stunning casualties occur before God personally intervenes in that war.

It must bother the evolutionists and atheists that the Bible’s prophecies for our modern times are so “spot on” accurate–as our English friends would word it.