Steven Collins
November 14, 2007
Below is a set of links to a variety of press reports confirming that tensions between the USA and China are steadily increasing. To cite a well-known proverb, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that these two nations are on a collision course. The rising tensions are both economic and military.
China now has a voracious appetite for raw materials, and it especially needs an increasing oil supply at a time when world oil supplies are under pressure. The USA and the Western nations are determined to hang on to their oil supplies in the Persian Gulf, but China is looking to that same region as a source for even more of its imported oil. As the first link below notes, “China may also see Iran as the best way into neighboring Iraq after the US leaves.” China is already doing all it can to stake a claim in Iraq even before the US leaves! The link also notes the Iraqis have agreed to let China develop an Iraqi oil field and Iraq has also awarded “contracts to Iranian and Chinese firms to build several power plants to generate electricity in Iraq.”  The second link also documents China’s eagerness to extend its economic links into the Mideast, which is a critical source of oil for western nations.
China’s aggressive push into the Mideast has major implications for the US presidential elections next year. Even though many candidates campaign to “withdraw from Iraq,” anyone who is elected will have to deal with the harsh reality that the only way the oil will continue to flow to the USA and the West from the Mideast is if American soldiers are guarding the tap. Any candidate who actually withdrew American troops from Iraq could well have to send them right back to the Mideast to keep the US economy from collapsing due to threats to our oil supply. American voters will be very unforgiving toward presidents and congressmen who allow US gas tanks to run dry and American homes to go without heat.  It appears American troops will have to stay in the Mideast to guard the oil supply in that region of the world.
A third link below documents that Iran is looking to China and Russia to modernize the Iranian air force. Currently composed mostly of aging American warplanes bought by the last Shah of Iran, the Iranian air force is now negotiating to buy almost 300 modern jet fighters from Russia and China. This would further cement the Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis.
These links further document the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy in Ezekiel 38 that Russia, China and Iran would be leaders in an anti-Western military alliance which will form in the latter days of this age just prior to God’s Divine intervention in human affairs. That this is happening right before our eyes both confirms the accuracy of Bible prophecy and the fact that there really is a Creator God who is able to implement his prophecies among the nations.
At least some elements of the US government and establishment recognize the threat from China (and her allies). The final link below reveals that the new Defense Bill approved by Congress includes money for two space-based military projects. One would provide the US with a “hypersonic vehicle” which would “fly at six times the speed of sound” and deliver massive bomb loads anywhere on earth within minutes (depending on where the vehicles are based, of course). This new hypersonic vehicle is already being developed and “a first flight test [is] scheduled for next year.”The media report at the link also notes that another project would enable the USA to quickly place new satellites in space if they destroyed or disabled by a hostile power. This new American project is obviously a reaction to China’s successful test of a satellite-destroying technology.
The jockeying for position and advantage is still continuing on the global chess board, but China (and her allies) are increasingly on a collision course with the USA (and its allies). New readers of this blog are urged to read my article entitled “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III” available for free at the Articles link at this website. The Bible has many prophecies which are being precisely fulfilled in modern world politics. By reading this examination of biblical prophecy and modern geopolitics, you can understand how the global chess game is going to end…and who the winners and losers will be.;jsessionid=JWZ4KT5GPNPKRQFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/11/14/weapon114.xml