The ink is barely dry on the new BRICS development bank deals, and already another nation is signing on to this new global alliance. Argentina has just signed an agreement in which it is entering a “comprehensive strategic partnership” with China. These links [1, 2] are from Chinese and Indian media sources. I doubt that you will find this important development highlighted (or even reported) in the establishment American media.

The links detail the specifics of a very close bilateral alliance that Argentina and China are creating. The deal includes massive Chinese investment in Argentina. It will involve minerals development, major infrastructure development, construction of a new nuclear power plant, etc. China will also build for Argentina eleven ships worth almost a half-billion dollars. The links do not specify whether the eleven ships are civilian merchant ships to carry Argentine minerals to China, military ships or some of both categories.

There is a line in the first link that particularly caught my attention. It states that Argentina and China will “deepen strategic cooperation in…finance.” Coming just after Chinese President Xi Jinping joined Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa in founding an international BRICS bank and Development Fund which will begin with $150 billion in assets, the Chinese President has, in my view, induced Argentina to become a member of the new BRICS international trading and monetary order that will not include the USA, the US Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street or the US dollar. Argentina is laboring under an IMF set of instructions on its internal economy and it is likely eager to dump IMF controls in order to be a part of the “new economic order” being created by the BRICS nations. The “strategic cooperation” between Argentina and China will, in my opinion, surely include efforts to overthrow the US dollar as the global reserve currency, overthrow the USA and UK in controlling the prices of gold, silver, energy and all other commodities, etc.

In a recent post on the founding of the new BRICS bank and Development Fund, I mentioned that I expected other nations to join the BRICS nations in setting up a new monetary/financial order that will eventually overthrow the rule of the US Federal Reserve Bank, other allied central banks, Wall Street and the US dollar (called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18’s prophecy). It certainly didn’t take long to happen. Argentina just joined the BRICS nations. I urge readers to read or review that recent post as it contains my biblical perspective on these events. While it is not specifically being stated so bluntly, the new BRICS bank and Development Fund is more than just a bank or a development fund. It is a growing alliance of nations that are determined to overthrow the US dollar as the global reserve currency and replace it, most likely, with an initial group of regional currencies that are expected to be backed by gold, silver, oil and gas, etc. The fact that China is amassing a vast tonnage of gold within its borders and/or under its control is evidence, to me, that China intends that its Yuan will eventually be at least partially gold-backed. Eventually, there will be a new global currency that will be controlled by the final human governing system of this age (the “beast” system of Revelation 13, 17-18) before Jesus Christ returns.

Argentina’s decision to join the emerging world financial order being created by the BRICS nations confirms that events are moving swiftly on the world scene toward the fulfillment of the Bible’s prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the globally-dominant, latter-day monetary and financial system will experience a massive collapse when it is torn down by “seven heads and ten horns” acting together in a coordinated fashion. That biblical imagery is not clear to us yet. It may be fulfilled by seven major world leaders supported by ten nations serving their interests, it may be seven major nations supported by ten other nations or via some other format not yet known. However, events indicate that this prophecy is heading toward fulfillment right in front of our eyes.

I expect Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other nations will also join the BRICS nations in their emerging alliance that is clearly a revolt against the US dollar, the US Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street and its corporate and international allies. These accelerating developments have very ominous implications for the American people, the US government and the US currency and economy. No wonder the American elites and media don’t want Americans to know what is really happening in the world. Personally, I think that the governing elites in the USA are growing terrified of what will happen when the historically pampered American population gets a rude shock in some kind of global “re-set” and realizes just how badly they have been governed for the last few decades.