May 21, 2009
Steve Collins
The Washington Times reported in its May 18th National Weekly Edition that China has developed and is installing a completely new computer operating system which is intended “to make Beijing’s networks impenetrable to US military and intelligence agencies” as part of its preparations “to wage cyberwarfare with the United States.”  This blunt appraisal is found in the first link below, which also notes that there are now “128 ‘acts of cyberaggression per minute tied to internet addresses in China.'”  It should be noted that the print version of this article is longer than the on-line version. This new computer operating system reveals that China is aggressively taking action to defend its own computers against a US/Western cyberattack in a future war. This implies that China came to believe its own computers, using western-based operating systems, were vulnerable to American cyberattacks. China is taking aggressive action to prepare for an electronic war by developing an entirely new operating system for its computers which cannot be accessed by western systems.
Previous blogs at this site have documented that the Chinese cyberwar vs. the USA is part of China’s strategy of asymmetrical warfare against the USA. This report (and ones cited in previous blogs) further confirms that China is at war with the USA on economic, monetary, trade, and electronic fronts. One wonders when the American leaders will “wake up and smell the coffee?” An actual shooting war will simply be the last stage of the Russian-Chinese-Iranian Axis that has formed against the western world. The military attack at the end of our age was prophesied in Ezekiel 38, as longtime readers of this blog already realize. New readers can examine an in-depth discussion of this issue by reading my article “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III,” available at the articles link at this website.
The second link offers a reason why the USA seems unable to wake up and take reasonable defensive actions against the Chinese threat. It is from Bill Gertz’s “Inside the Ring” column in the same issue of the Washington Times cited above. This article cites testimony given by a professor from New Zealand, Anne-Marie Brady, that identifies Henry Kissinger and former President George H.W. Bush “as being particularly helpful [to China] to blunt the effects of sanctions” vs. China. The print version of the article includes a photograph of Henry Kissinger with the caption “China’s man in America?” Undoubtedly, other American officials have also been “helpful” to China as it plans to wage the prophesied Ezekiel 38 war against the USA and the western world.  New readers of this blog can review the full evidence that the USA and many nations of the western world are the modern “house of Israel” prophesied to be the target of a coordinated military attack by Russia, China, Iran, etc. at the end of this age. It is available by listening to the Parts One and Two messages about the ten tribes of Israel at the speeches link at this website (these messages are available in both standard Christian and Messianic/Hebrew Roots formats).
Oh yes! It was just reported by Fox News that the FBI and US Marshall’s Service computers were successfully hacked and shut down by an unknown cyberattacker. Given the information in the first link, I wonder who that cyberattacker was? Do you have any guesses?
One last point. The final link (also from the Washington Times) reports that “a Pentagon intelligence report calls Chinese influence over the Panama Canal a potential threat to US national security.” This is painfully obvious, but the report also notes that other “government officials”  cannot see any threat at all in having the Panama Canal controlled by a Chinese company that is a de facto arm of Communist China. What blindness! This blindness was also prophesied. Ezekiel 38’s prophesy shows that Russia, China, Iran, etc. will achieve the element of surprise in their attack at the end of this age. Verses 11-12 prophesy the nations attacked will be like “unwalled villages” (i.e. they have neglected their defenses) in the latter days (the word “safely” in verses 11 and 14 of the KJV can also be translated “carelessly” which fits better with the context of this prophecy).
How can America’s leaders be so blind to the gathering storm? One reason is that “borrowers are slaves to lenders” (Proverbs 22:7), and America is currently an irresponsible borrower of Chinese (and everyone else’s) monies.One could surmise that American leaders are perhaps being told what to do by their Chinese masters behind closed doors. There is another possible explanation for the blindness of the USA’s leaders. II Thessalonians 2, a prophecy about the end of our age, states in verses 10-11 that those who refuse to love the truth will be given over to “strong delusion that they should believe a lie.” Truth and the “love of the truth” are in rather short supply in Washington, DC nowadays. It may be that “strong delusion” hangs over America’s leaders like an impenetrable cloud these days so they cannot possibly see what is really happening in the world as this age draws to a close.